Your Baby (7-11 months)

Congratulations on your new addition! Your beautiful baby will go through so many changes in his or her first year, it is simply amazing. Click on each week below to find valuable information on what to expect, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to check back every week or sign up for automatic weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Week by Week - Baby
My Baby – Week 37

At this age, your little one is probably smiling and flirting with everyone he comes into contact with, and is most ...
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My Baby – Week 38

By week 38, your baby may begin to attempt standing on her own, even if just for a few seconds! The practice she has ...
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My Baby – Week 39

By week 39, your baby may be able to stand alone without any support (even if only for a moment), drink from a cup, ...
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My Baby – Week 40

As you know, your child is becoming stronger and stronger each week. As each day passes, your little one is becoming ...
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My Baby – Week 41

Your house is probably full of the sounds of babbling and baby talk. You might find that your little one likes to ...
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My Baby – Week 42

During this point of your baby's life, she is probably able to understand simple commands and she may even be able to ...
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