Your Baby (7-11 months)

Congratulations on your new addition! Your beautiful baby will go through so many changes in his or her first year, it is simply amazing. Click on each week below to find valuable information on what to expect, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to check back every week or sign up for automatic weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Week by Week - Baby
My Baby – Week 31

At this point, your baby might be able to sit without support, bear some weight on her legs, express unhappiness when ...
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My Baby – Week 32

Can you believe your baby is almost eight months old? Your baby may be able to play peek-a-boo, clap his hands, creep ...
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My Baby – Week 33

At this age, your baby is probably beginning to understand the word no. Don't be discouraged if she doesn't always ...
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My Baby – Week 34

It's important to keep in mind that all babies reach milestones in their own time, at their own pace. By week 34, your ...
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My Baby – Week 35

Can you believe how many milestones your little one has reached since that first day you brought him home from the ...
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My Baby – Week 36

By now, your infant is probably pretty mobile! He might be able to pull himself up to a standing position from sitting, ...
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