Your Baby (2-6 months)

Congratulations on your new addition! Your beautiful baby will go through so many changes in his or her first year, it is simply amazing. Click on each week below to find valuable information on what to expect, as well as helpful tips. Be sure to check back every week or sign up for automatic weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox.

Week by Week - Baby
My Baby – Week 9

If you are lucky, it is very possible that you will hear your child’s first laugh this week. You may hear a giggle, ...
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My Baby – Week 10

Each week, your baby is becoming more and more interactive; smiling, cooing, and giggling may be common now. And, if ...
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My Baby – Week 11

By 11 weeks, your baby may be able to turn her head to look at you when she hears your voice. She may also be able to ...
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My Baby – Week 12

Tummy time is becoming more and more fun every week! Your baby could be laughing out loud by week 12, and may even be ...
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My Baby – Week 13

Your infant is becoming stronger and stronger each week! You have probably noticed that she holds her head up longer ...
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My Baby – Week 14

Can you believe that your little one has already begun his fourth month of life? He is probably babbling and talking to ...
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