Yoga for Fertility


Trying to conceive can be a stressful experience for many people. This stress alone can hinder your fertility. Yoga could be the perfect thing to help reduce stress as well as prepare your body for pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond.

Yoga for fertility has recently been accepted by the Mayo Clinic because of the natural detoxification that takes place on a cellular level when doing yogic poses and breathing.

There are also many courses available in yoga studios and on DVD that are designed for the divine purpose of increasing fertility.

then you participate in a yoga class or workout that is designed just for fertility, the movements, asanas (poses), and deep breathing will be specifically designed to boost the reproductive organs. Yoga naturally connects the mind, body, and spirit and helps to release anxiety that can be pent up unknowingly in the body. It also helps to restore proper hormone function which is vital to your fertility. Often, you don’t even know anything is wrong.

Yoga for fertility has recently been accepted by the Mayo Clinic because of the natural detoxification that takes place on a cellular level when doing yogic poses and breathing. This is important for unlocking the gynecological organs and helping to restore the blood flow to these organs which is essential for fertility. Most of the fertility yoga classes will center on the sacral organs that are otherwise known as the ones located in the middle of the body, below the heart and above the hips. The poses and movements are all designed to strengthen core muscles, untangle nerves, release stress to these organs, and restore natural movement and flow.

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Plus, yoga just feels good. Many women spend a lot of time researching the best ways to get pregnant and the things they can take to help improve fertility and make pregnancy easier. However, it is very important to remember that you are a natural being with many instinctive mannerisms and behaviors that can be fixed when the body and mind are in tune. This natural state is known as well being, and can be achieved with regular scheduled yoga classes. Not only will you be more fertile regularly, but you will also be stronger and healthier in the process. Not to mention the fact that yoga helps to lengthen the muscles of the body which can keep you in shape during pregnancy, make losing weight after pregnancy easier and helps with your labor and delivery.

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Yoga for fertility and beyond, is widely accepted by doctors as both a safe and effective exercise to keep you at your best before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Yoga for Fertility

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  1. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    i didnt know about this and i was practicing yoga before i got pregnant ad baby was a surprise maybe yoga did the part

  2. Profile photo of Alanna Alanna says:

    Yoga is an amazing way to stay relaxed and healthy.

  3. Profile photo of angelica angelica says:

    i have always done yoga its good to know its helps with fertility

  4. I love yoga and its great to know that it helps your fertility.

  5. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    what specific poses are good for fertility?

  6. Profile photo of ccmalls19 ccmalls19 says:


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  7. Profile photo of MamaCat MamaCat says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of yoga but it makes sense. It teaches you to relax and tune in to your body.

  8. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    The closest I get to yoga is on fitness wii. Haha

  9. Profile photo of Lulu Lulu says:

    Yoga is just awesome.

  10. Profile photo of Kira Kira says:

    I have been wanting to start doing yoga for a while now but now i have an even better motivation to start. It will help so much and I never even realized that it would help with fertility of all things. Very helpful information.


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