Yes, a VBAC is Possible!


Have you, or has someone you've known, had a past Cesarean section? Are you now pregnant with another child, or considering pregnancy again, and have questions about vaginal birth after a Cesarean (VBAC)? This article will provide you with accurate information and resources about VBAC, as well as how childbearing women and their families can avoid the risks associated with Cesarean sections.

The CDC reports that the VBAC rate here in the US has fallen by 67% in the last 10 years. 

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), more than one million women in the United States give birth each year by Cesarean. These statistics show that 32% of all births in the US are by this method, and approximately 60% of Cesarean births were elective repeat Cesarean delivery. 

That makes C-section the most common major operation performed in the country. Our country has seen a significant increase in C-sections in the last decade, despite the fact that Cesarean delivery involves major abdominal surgery and is associated with higher rates of surgical complications and maternal re-hospitalization, as well as complications requiring neonatal intensive care unit admissions, according to Obstetrics and Gynecology. To explain this steady increase, many health professionals and journalists often point to the mothers themselves. Many assume that the factors leading to this trend are:

  • more and more women with no medical rationale are asking for C-sections; and
  • the number of women who genuinely need a Cesarean is increasing.

However, neither of these factors appears to account for a large portion of the increase. A survey in 2005 showed that only 1 woman among nearly 1,600 survey participants reported that she had had a planned for a C-section, with no medical reason, at her own request, according to a study by M. MacDorman.

Despite this information, current evidence shows that the majority of women can have safe vaginal births after a prior Cesarean (VBAC). And because Cesarean birth is associated with a higher maternal morbidity than routine vaginal birth, two of the national health objectives for 2010 were to reduce the Cesarean birth rate among women at low risk to 15% of women giving birth for the first time and 63% of women with previous Cesarean births, according to “Vaginal birth after cesarean: a health policy perspective.”


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Yes, a VBAC is Possible!

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  1. NIKKI says:

    Both of my children were c-section. I am pregnant with my 3rd child and planning to d a VBAC

  2. nichole says:

    i had my first child vaginally so never had a csection even tho i should have. but i think alot of it depends on how long after your c section you get pregnant and stuff because since it is a major surgery sometimes takes a while for everything to heal. but i have heard that if its been 3+ years that it should be ok and anything just a little while later(a year or so) there is more of a risk to damage the c section even tho it looks healed it may not be completely on the inside and everything! i definately would look more into information on it if i did have a c section and wanted to do a VBAC. 🙂

  3. mommy nhoj says:

    I am not sure if I want to try VBAC. First one was done due to my existing medical condition. A thorough discussion with my doctorS should be done if in case I got pregnant the second time.

  4. Junell says:

    I had a c-section with my first and once we found out we were expecting again, we have decided to do another. My doctor says it is the safest bet since my first child is not even 2 yet. Plus it is a new doctor and a different state so getting my previous medical records was difficult. I am glad to know if I get pregnant again at a later date I can have a normal birth. I wanted one with my first but it wasn’t meant to be.

  5. John Haley says:

    This decision belongs to my wife.

  6. katherine says:

    i had my first son with a c-section and im scared if i can have this one vaginal bc i really dont want to i would want to do the c – section again but is it possilbe to have a baby vaginal after havin one with a c-section it scares me to know

    • I had an emergency c-section with my daughter, same thing placental abduction. It took me 4 months to recover. I refused to go through that again with my son. It had been 3 years since the c-section so doctors gave me the ok for VBAC. Had no issues and was walking around soon after the birth. I’m pregnant again and due in August. And will be doing another VBAC. If you have no scar tissue I say go for it. Best decision I made and I’m truly happy with it.

    • jessica says:

      You would have to ask your doctor if you can safely have a VBAC. With my first son I had an emergency c-section (placental abruption). So of course with my 2nd son I wanted another c-section because of what happend before. So now that I am pregnant with baby #3 I recently asked my doctor if I could have a natural delivery and she said noo way. After being cut open twice like that, having a natural delivery is out of the question. Its completely your choice and I would do whats safe for you and your baby. I can tell you one thing tho it was rough having a second c-section especially since I have a 4yr old. Hope all goes well! Good luck!

      • Zahra says:

        Wait, what? VBA2C is not out of the question. Your doctor is misinformed. It happens. There are so many new developments in medicine every day, doctors can’t always keep up. Look for the information about the risks and advantages of both procedures: C-Section and VBA2C. Then decide if you’d rather have a VBAC, and, if so, how to get it. ICAN is a great support group if you go in that direction.

  7. Amber says:

    My Doctor offered me to try and do a vbac for my son now but i refuse too, i know it does a lot on a body with having a c-section but i prefer c-section over vaginal

  8. Andrea says:

    I have had 3 VBACs and plan on a 4th in July. My internal incision is horizontal, so all my doctors in the many places I’ve lived have said I should have no problem doing a VBAC. Jennifer, I think you should find/consult another provider. The quoted numbers you received are way too high. If your incision was horizontal, you should have no problem having a VBAC birth.

  9. Aurika says:

    Do people have VBAC yes but not a lot of OBs offer it and that I think is crazy.

  10. Jennifer says:

    My first child was born c-section and now I am pregnant with our second child, my Dr. advised me to get another c-section. My Dr. told me that if a women has a c-section then try’s to deliver the normal way the second time around there is a 30% chance the women could rip her c-section scar open. Also if your first baby was born via c-section and you want to have a vaginal birth the second time around most dr.s want you to go to a specialist, someone who specializes in VBAC deliveries because of how risky it could be. Each women is entitled to deliver her baby however she sees fit, I am just letting everyone know what I have been told by 3 different Dr.s I am a healthy 27 year old women, no medical conditions and they still told me that it is in my best interest to have another c-section so that is what I am doing. Also if you have a c-section then you can pick your baby’s birthday and you know exactly when your having the baby and when you get to meet your new little one!

    • Maggie says:

      That is not what my doctor/FIL told me. The numbers your doc gave you is way off. I would see someone else. He doesn’t seem like he or she knows what they’re doing. Sorry! I hope this makes you feel better about the possibility! The biggest thing is wether or not your scar is horizontal or vertical (inside)

  11. uyanga says:

    i think its alright never had c section before and i dnt kno how it feels so i dk

  12. KITTYNOLAND says:

    I was/am so terrified by all the horror stories concerning labor that I requested a C-section.Granted,I have some health issues but they certainly were not a motivating factor in wanting a C-section.My son is now 17 months old and I am due in March.I really do not want to go through the pain that I did with my son, post-operatively, but I still do not know if I can do a VBAC.
    I believe that women need to not scare the heck out of first time moms with their horror stories.Be realistic but..honest.I’m 37 and do not know how I can come home in March, after major abdominal surgery, and not be able to even hold my son who will be only 21 months old and be desperate for my attention.I do not/will not have the recovery time available because, as stated, this will be my second child.I also am aware that having had a previous C-section immediately makes me a greater candidate for another.I know every birth is different but I wish I knew someone who had had a VBAC after a C-section; someone who could simply be honest with me about which to go for.Certainly, my prior incision will play a role for any obstetrician but I am also quite capable of advocating for what I believe is right for my own health-without any other mitigating emergency issues arising during a VBAC.Can anyone recommend a book or anything else that could help my husband and I make this decision.We want more children and I know that I’m putting myself at risk with every subsequent C-section.I would simply love to be comfortable with the decision I make. I already know I am not comfortable having repeat C-sections yet my options are quite limited, as in cesarean birth or a vaginal birth??

  13. My first 2 childeren were cesarean and I was able to have my other 2 children by VBAC…I’m so excited we have overcome the complications in this pregnancy..looking forward to another VBAC;-) the biggest thing I’ve learned is to be more proactive with nutrition and exercise.

  14. Unique says:

    I am extremely nervous . This is my 5th pregnancy. My first three were vaginal and my 4th one was by an emergency c section. I am attempting to do a VBAC. My youngest is 19 months and I am due February 1st 2014. I just hope I’m successful in having a vaginal birth with this pregnancy.

  15. cherieanna says:

    I had a VBAC on May 30th 2013. My first was natural in 2005 and sec. was C-Sec. bc he was breech in 2010, so this past one was VBAC and all went well.

  16. Teresa says:

    I’m attempted a VBAC with this pregnancy. My first is 8 years old now so hopefully that big space in between will be a plus!

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