Why Every Parent Needs a Will

couple in a meetingAmidst the joy of celebrating new life, your own mortality is the last thing you want to think about. Although it is incredibly uncomfortable and sad to consider the possibility of not being around to raise your children due to incapacitation or death, it's extremely important for every parent to write a will.

If you were to die without writing a will, a judge would appoint a guardian for your child, and it may not be who you would have chosen. When considering a possible guardian for your children, consider the following practical matters. Is the potential guardian physically able to raise your child? Many people name their own parents as guardians without considering their physical stamina, health, and the probability that they will die first. Consider the amount of time a potential guardian will have to raise your child. Your sister, who is a doctor, may have the disposable income necessary to raise your children, but may not have as much free time to spend with them as you would have hoped. Do your prospective guardians have children of their own, and are they close in age to your own children? There are positives and negatives to naming both parents and non-parents as guardians. Consider all possibilities and how they would affect the way your children would be raised. Think about how you plan to raise your children, and what aspects of that upbringing are most important to you. Choose a guardian who will be able to provide your children with the experiences and values you find most important. Will you be leaving enough money or financial assets for a guardian to raise your children? If not, you should choose a guardian who is financially stable enough to raise them.

Although many people leave their money and financial assets to the same person they name as legal guardian of their children, it is not necessary to do so. If your brother is great with children and bad with money, and your friend is great with money but not fond of children, it is possible and advisable to name your brother as guardian to your children and appoint your friend to take care of your money and assets. If you decide to leave your children and finances to two different people, make sure they can work together to provide a great future for your children.

Once you have decided who you would like to appoint as guardian to your children and/or your financial assets, it is important to sit down and discuss the possibility with them. It's crucial to make sure they are willing and able to take on this responsibility. You can also take this time to share any specific wishes you may have for your children's upbringing or financial future in the event of your death. You should also consider naming a backup guardian, in case your first choice becomes unwilling or unable to take on the responsibility.

When you have figured out who you want to name as legal guardian, you should make a list of all of your savings, property, and debt. Take these figures to your lawyer, who can help you draft a will. Spouses will typically have their own wills, leaving their property to the other spouse in the event of death. Guardians only come into play when both spouses die.


Although facing the possibility of death is difficult, writing a Will will protect your children's future and bring you peace of mind.

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Why Every Parent Needs a Will

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  1. LIZ says:

    this is a very important thing to do its very scary to do but you sholud think in everything

  2. John Haley says:

    Many of my clients find value in talking to them about life insurance, trusts, and wills. I am just an insurance agent, and more importantly, a DAD for the first time. I admit, with running a business, and getting the house “Baby Ready”, I have let the will, and have not updated my life insurance in several years.
    One thing I want to share with each of you that read this message…life insurance will NEVER be as inexpensive as it is TODAY! Call your agent soon! 🙂

  3. Maria says:

    I have always thought about writing a living will just never knew enough about the process. Now that I have read this article, I will get with a professional and sit down and write one.

  4. kimbro09 says:

    Been thinking about a will and even start a life insurance policy…. you never know

  5. Marina says:

    Definitely need to start to think about getting a will together.

  6. Amanda says:

    Wow, something you never want to think about…will be writing mine soon….

  7. It really makes you think.

  8. Brittney says:

    I’ve been thinking of a will for almost a year since I found out I was pregnant, but I’m just not sure how to go about it. Since I’m only twenty don’t have any property or money to leave.

    What happens if you and your Significant other want different people to be the legal guardian if something was to happen?

  9. Ms.Mora says:

    Creating a Living Will or Advanced Directive can be a pain, but well worth it.

  10. marichinno says:

    I haven’t made a will yet but I do know that I need to make one soon. Can’t be to certain that nothing won’t happen in the near future. I pray that we are around to see our kids grow up to be adults.

  11. I created a will when my daughter was born, but I have to do a new one… I have to change a few things, so when my newest adittion to the family is born I will make my new will..

  12. McKenzie says:

    Have not made one yet going to have to make one then.

  13. SammysMOMMY says:

    We have one for our tortoise because he is suposed to out live us but havent made one for our son to be!

  14. charris says:

    Wow! I am going to do this asap!


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