When Are You Most Fertile?


Some couples, when they decide they’d like to become parents, discontinue the use of their birth control methods and just say, “When it happens, it happens.” While that’s certainly a valid and low-maintenance choice, other couples like to take charge. And that means tracking your cycle and targeting your most fertile time.

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If you want to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, follow the advice of Mayo Clinic obstetrician Roger W. Harms. He gives the following advice:

  • Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days after the first day of your period. Mark it on your calendar.
  • Look for signs of ovulation. You may notice clear vaginal secretions during ovulation. Also, you may experience mild cramping during ovulation.
  • Take your basal body temperature every morning and track the results. You should see a pattern develop. Soon you'll be able to predict your fertile time– it's two or three days before your temperature rises.
  • Have sex once a day during this time.

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When Are You Most Fertile?

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  1. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    good advice for people who are trying and good luck to those whose trying

  2. Profile photo of Angie Angie says:

    Good article… my doc sqid takin prenatals and having sex during the 10th dqy through the 16th day after ur 1st period day, once a day or every other day to have sex.. good luck everyone 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Desiree Desiree says:

    lots of good stuff to read.

  4. Profile photo of Gabby akin Gabby akin says:

    my baby name is Topanga kay

  5. Profile photo of Cait Cait says:

    I gave up and am using an ovulation test

    • Profile photo of Megan KlayEditor Megan Klay says:

      I used ovulation tests and basal body temperature along with an app. I liked Fertility Friend best. And then we just tried pretty much every day around the time it said. Good luck!

  6. Profile photo of TaKeisha TaKeisha says:

    I used to be really good about keeping track of my fertile days then after months of not conceiving I just stopped keeping track.

  7. Profile photo of Marlena AntonucciEditor Marlena Antonucci says:

    I give a lot of credit to the women that so precisely track their cycle. I always forget to write it down!

  8. Profile photo of maria maria says:

    After i had my first baby at 25 i got my period for a whole month nonstop and now i havent got my period for over 4months im scared to go see doctor and tell me i wont b able to have any more kids g(

  9. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    It took me bf and I a year of trying to get pregnant. That was with the use of ovulation tests. We are so happy now!

  10. My doctor helped me map this out

  11. I’m really fertile

  12. Profile photo of JoyRied JoyRied says:

    We figured this out to know when it was safe to have sex.

  13. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    I do not know anyone that went this far out of the way to have a baby!

  14. Profile photo of Melody Melody says:

    Yeah, I’ll be keeping track this next time around–I don’t want another august baby–not that there’s anything wrong with being born in august, but I didn’t care for being big and pregnant in those hot summer months!

  15. Profile photo of RAQUEL RAQUEL says:

    sex is the bomb during ovulation.

  16. best times of my sex life= fertile times! lol

  17. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    Agreed. The kit was relatively inexpensive online, and took the guesswork out of it.

  18. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    Good article. Thanks for the info.

  19. Profile photo of Foxin3ss Foxin3ss says:

    The kit sounds like the easiest most secure way to go. I 100% agree.

  20. Profile photo of Foxin3ss Foxin3ss says:

    Hmmm… Never really thought of that.

  21. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I think if I had to choose I would go with the kit. One time I tried to use a calendar and got no where. We weren’t even trying when I got pregnant.


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