What’s in a Name?

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Thinking about baby names? It’s one of the first ways you’ll define who your baby is. It’s what your children will carry with them throughout their lives. 

When considering a name, remember this is what will be recorded in history. It will be part of your child’s legacy.

Do you have an idea already? 

Is it a family name that has been carried on for generations? Perhaps it is a beloved name of a friend. Quite simply, it may be a name that you merely encountered and liked.

It will be a name you say thousands of times during your life. It’s the sounds you will hear on your child’s graduation and wedding day. It’s the word that will be on his or her business cards as your child pursues a professional career.

Need some ideas and inspiration? Want to know what’s trendy, and what’s not?


What do you think?

What’s in a Name?

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  1. tracie says:

    picking names is always hard my husband and I go back and forth until its time to go to the hospital

  2. Leola says:

    I am currently pregnant with my last child and it is a girl. I have not given any of my other girls names that are remotely similar to mine. I am allowing my ten year old to choose the first name and her middle name will be the same as mine. The new baby will be named Payton Petrece! Love it!

  3. mommy nhoj says:

    I like Suri. Apple’s Siri also sounds good. But I know I won’t name my child with both! But they’re nice names!

  4. CHESNEY says:

    I knew what baby’s name would have been if it was a girl, Temperance Jayden, but had no clue for a boy. We didn’t know for sure what I was having and I ended up in the hospital 8 wks before due date with preclampsia(?). Drs. did a c-section. Our little “rock star” was sporting a full head of this gorgeous spiked strawberry-blonde hair that just fit a rocker’s look. He was 2 days old before we decided on Toby Michael. He has the same middle name as his father. And Toby sounded like a Rock Star name.

  5. MaToya says:

    My baby name will be Jorden Loretta Smith 🙂

  6. Phammom says:

    Way to unique for me.

  7. adela says:

    Well if u ask me a name says everything from rase to religion….personally I never looked for names it made it harder to choose one. So I just played it by ear until I heard are came across one I liked…which I had twins a boy and girl..so I went with Aaliya Marie and Adien Anthony

  8. memameme says:

    I prefer to use old names.

  9. Tina says:

    I thought it would be easy and fun to choose baby names. I looked through so many and only have a few that poped out at me.

  10. Awmomma says:

    You don’t…just love your grandchild anyway 🙂

  11. I’m 20 weeks. We are having a boy and have decided on the name Asher Storm Johnson

  12. MamaDeeDee says:

    37 weeks and we still haven’t come up with a name for our son. I guess we’ll know it when we see him!

  13. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and we can pick girls names but cannot even get close to a compromise on a boys name!

  14. I’m 22 1/2 weeks now, having twin boys and i’m still stuck on what names i’m going to pick. Their father is away right now & i only get to speak to him once a week so it’s proving to be difficult when it comes to choosing what names we will Both want. Ahh!

  15. Cruel… but I know parents who named their kid stunner after a rap song

  16. Lulu says:

    Celebrities pick such strange names sometimes.

  17. Winter Holdeen Mattingly. Never heard it before, and any personality would go great with it

  18. We chose Charles Monroe. It was both of his grandfathers middle names.

  19. My son is named Kenneth and our Daughter will be Named Myra, after m grandma Mary.

  20. Grace says:

    i know a giovanni, its such a fun name

  21. Alysonybebe says:

    I know the name now thanks for you help!!


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