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What You Need to Know Beforehand

Are you dreaming of an unmedicated home birth, or have you already spoken to your medical provider about an epidural? Every mother-to-be has hopes and fears about the birthing process. Creating a plan can help to express those hopes and ease those fears. Here, you will find articles and information to prepare and to help you create your own, personal birth plan.

Planning Childbirth
7 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Labor

As your pregnancy starts to come to an end and your focus turns to labor, birth, and your ...
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7 Surprising Things That Can Happen During Labor

Most of us go into labor feeling pretty prepared these days. From countless articles, ...
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Why You Might Be Drug Tested During Labor

"I just need you to sign this, saying that you understand that we will be testing your ...
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What Happens After a Home Birth?

I have to admit, I'm a little more than intrigued by home ...
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Did Your Water Break? 9 Things You Need To Know

One of the most common phone calls we get at the labor and delivery unit where I work ...
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Why You Should Delay Your Baby’s First Bath

"Do you want to hold him now, or do you want me to give him a quick bath?" my ...
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