What Does Astrology Say About Your Unborn Baby?


Have you ever been joyously overwhelmed while star gazing? For all the stars we see, there are billions more; for every constellation, there’s a story. Every planet, sun, and moons are miracles.

You can learn about the specific traits she is predicted to have by studying the astrological sign.

 Every cosmic thing possesses energy and a purpose beyond our capability to understand. Astrologers have been studying these cosmic wonders for years and believe that their position at the precise moment of our birth influences our personality, our future, and every other aspect of our lives.

Parents naturally want their children to have the best possible life they can have. Many couples, who are planning to have a child, consult with astrologists to help them plan the best time to conceive a baby so that it will be born during a lucky cosmic alignment. Some even use the Chinese Gender chart to plan the gender of their child.

If you’re wondering who your baby is, what she’ll be like, and the kind of person she‘ll become, astrologists say that your baby’s personal cosmic DNA is unknown until she is born. You can learn about the specific traits she is predicted to have by studying the astrological sign:

Aries: March 21- April 20

These tiny crusaders are natural leaders and full of ambition. They will have competitiveness, and will love a challenge. They love getting their way and will gladly argue with anyone who will argue back.

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

Happiest when they’re creating something, these ones live to create. They are lovers of new life, and love to witness and nurture baby animals and beautiful blossoming flowers.

Gemini: May 22- June 21

Keep these smart, little ones busy – for they’re quick to become bored. These little ones will keep you on your toes with their love of discoveries, wit, adventures, and action.

Cancer: June 22- July 22

Cancers are little dreamers. They’re very smart and creative, love to show affection, but tend to not need much affection in return. They’re patient and stubborn. They are protectors of the weak.

Leo: July 23- August 21

Magical and born to shine, these little ones love being the center of attention. Prideful, but loving and creative, you must help them find outlets to let their colors flow.

Virgo: August 22- September 23

Born to care for others more than themselves, these little Virgos are responsible and have a strong need to keep busy. They love to take opportunities to help wherever they are needed.

Libra: September 24- October 23

Peaceful and loving, a little Libra baby will be your little angel. Balance, harmony, and love are the only requirements to keep your mild-mannered child happy.

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What Does Astrology Say About Your Unborn Baby?

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  1. Profile photo of Alishia Alishia says:

    Mom, Dad, and big brother are all arise. My poor little Capricorn or Aquarius won’t know what t do with all the stuberen rams in the house lol wish him luck 😉

  2. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I’m a proud Scorpio, dad is very Aries…. I have 2 daughters that are Cancer and 1 Virgo and dad has a Taurus son… our home will be interesting if this one is born a bit early as a Leo… Another Virgo is going to be a challenge lol

  3. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    love it 🙂

  4. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    Khylee Lynn will definitely be a Pisces and I just can’t wait to meet her!

  5. Profile photo of Alanna Alanna says:

    My baby will most likely be a cancer… there is always a chance that he’ll be born a little late and be a Leo though.

  6. Profile photo of LIZ says:

    my little one is piscis i love that sign, and she loves to be in the water

  7. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    So we have Aries, Gemini & Virgo in the house! Seemingly complement each other!

  8. Profile photo of Krystal Krystal says:

    My baby will be a cancer, and I am a libra. However, I keep finding websites that say that cancers and libras do, and then others that say they don’t, so I am at a loss. I decided to take the advice that practically every website said about libras….. that libras can get along with practically anyone, and quite funnily, I have been told that about myself by many people in the past.

  9. Profile photo of candace says:

    this will be my only child that is a pisces like me. yayy I felt alone lol

  10. Profile photo of damion damion says:

    Me and my two kids are aries and but heads constantly

  11. Profile photo of Lindsay S. Lindsay S. says:

    My little one will be a Taurus just like her big sister. My husband and I share our birthday, and we both are Leo’s so it should make for an interesting household 🙂

  12. Profile photo of Dario Dario says:

    how do i join the birth month club?

  13. I’m a Scorpio but my little one will be a Virgo if she decides to come on time, but if she comes early then she will be a Leo…so we shall see

  14. Profile photo of Sara Sara says:

    My son will be a Capricorn; I can be pretty stubborn myself, so this should be fun 😉

  15. Aww a little capricorn! This is going to be interesting!

  16. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    I have two Aries and two Libras….most of the time they are true to their sign…

  17. Profile photo of Jeanetta Jeanetta says:

    My daughter is going to be a Sagittarius…

  18. Profile photo of ornella ornella says:

    my my…my daughter is a true true capricon and my son a sagittarius!! wonder what my lil virgo is gonna be like

  19. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I don’t put much stock in astrology–I think it’s mostly confirmation bias–but my husband is a classic Aries. After reading this, I just realized that our child is going to be an Aries, too–God help us, LOL!

  20. My son is a Leo & it’s true about him. He’s the center of attention and is very loving and affectionate.

  21. Profile photo of Brittney Brittney says:

    My little man is very sensitive to how others are feeling, and I’ll just have to wait until he gets a little bit older to see if everything else fits.

  22. Profile photo of Rosie2day Rosie2day says:

    Ok. will have to see it this is true


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