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Week by Week

Pregnancy brings about many changes, both physical and hormonal. Each week below describes how your baby is developing and how your body is adapting to support the new life that is growing inside you. Use our weekly guide to help you navigate along the pathway to motherhood, and to find out how the miracle of life is unfolding inside you. In addition, you'll find articles that relate specifically to this exciting - yet sometimes confusing - time in your pregnancy.

1st Trimester of Pregnancy
My Pregnancy Week 1

Your first week of pregnancy starts from the day of your last period. Confusing, right? Chances are if you are reading ...
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My Pregnancy Week 2

Fertilization is just around the corner, which means you’ll soon be sharing some intimate moments with your partner. ...
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My Pregnancy Week 3

Congratulations! One lucky sperm and your egg have come together in your fallopian tube! This fertilized ovum is now ...
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My Pregnancy Week 4

The Embryonic Period Week 4 signals the beginning of the embryonic period, which will continue until week 10. The ...
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My Pregnancy Week 5

Even though this may be the first week a home pregnancy test confirms your pregnancy, it is incredible how many changes ...
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My Pregnancy Week 6

This week, your baby has a distinguishable head and trunk! And on your baby's head… are facial features! That's ...
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