My Pregnancy – Week 33

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring about 17 inches long, he weighs around 5lbs. And from this week, until two weeks before birth, he will gain about a half-pound of weight every week. The bones in her skull are formed, but aren’t fused. They actually don’t fuse entirely until early adulthood, allowing room for her brain to grow throughout childhood.

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  1. Grace says:

    I don’t really know why but I cringe anytime someone says the term “nesting”. My sister told me this a few months back when I told her that I was organizing some things in the baby’s room. I just call this being prepared ! I was a Girl Scout (being prepared is part of the pledge). I am a teacher, and feel being prepared for anything you can in life (seeing that there are so many things in life you can’t be prepared for) is a benefit to you. I don’t want to worry about what I didn’t finish when I have our baby, I’d like to rest, heal and enjoy my time with my first child. So as long as I am an organized and low-key kind of woman, I am going to just say I am PREPARED for our baby’s arrival – his room is complete, I have a bag for him for the hospital, the car seat is in my car and I am happy to say that I am very glad all that stuff is complete, most especially because I am starting a new job soon…:-) Just one perspective from a first time, 31 year old, soon-to-be mom ! 🙂


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