ABC Kids Expo – Sneaky Sheets

EverydayFamily's mom on the street, Shiloh Johnson, got up close and personal at the ABC Kids Expo with Christine of Sure Fit to provide you with the need to know info about their Sneaky Sheets Waterproof Bedding Collection! Watch to get the insider's scoop:

Have you put this product to the test yourself? We'd love for you to share your experience with us and other curious parents! Just scroll down to the comments box to submit your own review:

Product Summary:

Sneaky Sheets is a complete sheet set including a bottom-fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcases and two matching non-slip waterproof pads (called Sneaky Squares) that lay on top of the surface of the sheet. Featuring an absorbent, leak-proof layer made of our patented Wet-Block Technology™, each Sneaky Square provides ultimate protection for a large surface of the bed including the sheets and mattress.

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  1. gfeld says:

    wow! love this product and would love to own one. my daughter is constantly bedwetting and we never bought a mattress protector cuz they crinkle too much and are uncomfortable so I will have to replace the mattress soon. this would be a fantastic alternative, though I wish I would’ve been able to afford it……..

  2. LaTasha says:

    Very thoughtful, however, its a bit pricey for my blood.


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