ABC Kids Expo – Lucina

EverydayFamily's mom on the street, Shiloh Johnson, got up close and personal at the ABC Kids Expo with Maria of Lucina to provide you with the need to know info about the Melodi Advanced Breast Pump! Watch to get the insider's scoop:

Have you put this product to the test yourself? We’d love for you to share your experience with us and other curious parents! Just scroll down to the comments box to submit your own review: 

Product Summary:

  • The newest breast pump technology. Sleek, compact, and contemporary device that can go everywhere you need to be while it remembers your preferred setting for comfort. 
  • Hospital grade pump
  • Single or dual pumping options
  • Unmatched quiet operation
  • Two phases for improved let down and milk flow
  • Lightweight, discreet, and durable at only 1lb.!
  • Easy quick-clean case
  • Ideal for working mothers

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