Children and TV: Turn Off the Tube, It’s Play Time!

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My preschooler was asking me to buy him an Xbox for his birthday, along with the new World of War Craft game. “No” was my reply, and immediately he started to cry and informed me that I am the meanest mom ever.

Do we really want to risk the chance of giving our child’s precious mind to too much TV and video games?

Because he could not have his desired video game, he asked to watch an entire marathon of his favorite television show.

My first thought was to say no, again; but the previous tantrum just about wore me out, and knowing this answer will only induce another tear-filled tantrum, my next potent thought was filled with the temptation to give in and press the power button on the remote. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

We should think of the following scenario before we cave: An elementary school had to reserve a portion of recess for structured play, due to the discovery that the children did not know how to use their own imaginations. An advisor had to mediate creative play time because the children could not decipher the difference between reality, the unrealistic video games they played, and the television shows they watched. Countless hours spent absorbed in media repressed the ability to own their imaginations, creativity, and problem solving skills.

The job of a child is to play, because playing is how they learn.

So, if the child’s job is to play, it can only mean that our very important responsibility, as a parent, is to inspire and encourage our children to be creative beings.

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While they are young, we must assist them in the development of their imaginations. So the next time, when our darling little ones beg for one more hour of Sponge Bob, let’s resist the temptation to let our children sit inefficiently watching TV.

What do you think?

Children and TV: Turn Off the Tube, It’s Play Time!

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  1. LIZ says:

    baby love tv but she loves to play too

  2. mommy nhoj says:

    Our 10 month old baby loves watching baby tv, baby einstein and the like nursery rhymes. But we are trying to limit it to 30 mins max esp if I need some time doing chores. We play on the floor together. Mostly mommy following where’s baby going. She also loves book or the idea of reading and story telling.

  3. Heatherly says:

    Oh my this is a great article! We got rid of our t.v. over 15 years ago and none of us regret it. Oh sure, we watch an occasional parent-approved movie once or twice a week on the laptop. But my children don’t see commercials. No computer games. They play with eachother. I play games with them. We read. We bake or cook together. I was told once that nobody gets any smarter by watching t.v.

  4. Grace says:

    having trouble with what to keep my youngsters doing now that winter is in and i have a newborn to care for

  5. emi285 says:

    Don’t forget Playdough!! The stuff is awesome for creative play, and it’s cheap. Put them at the table (cover the table in wax paper for easy clean up) so you don’t get any in the carpet though 🙂

  6. Greer says:


  7. Kevryn says:

    My kids love going outside

  8. HMomOf4 says:

    I agree with this completely! my kids are outside as much as we were as kids!


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