Toddler Month by Month

The growth and change that you've become accustomed to with your child continue through the toddler years. Below, you will find information about your toddler’s physical, language, behavioral, social, and emotional development and milestones, as well as tips and suggestions for you to help your toddler along the way.

Milestones - Toddler
My Toddler – Month 18

Milestones:An expanding 15- to 20-word vocabulary makes for a thrilling accomplishment ...
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My Toddler – Month 19

Milestones:In addition to being able to bend over, toddlers around 19 months of age are ...
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My Toddler – Month 20

Milestones:A 20-month-old toddler will persist in utilizing and perfecting gross and fine ...
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My Toddler – Month 21

Milestones:Around 21 months, toddlers achieve the ability to follow simple instructions. ...
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My Toddler – Month 22

Milestones:Around 22 months old, toddlers are able to manipulate tiny objects and gain ...
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My Toddler – Month 23

Milestones:Your toddler is 23 months old! At this age, most toddlers should continue to ...
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