My Toddler – Month 17


Around 17 months of age, you’ll find that toddlers take interest in using their arms and legs for purposes like kicking, throwing, and swinging. They also take quite a liking to playing games and make-believe.

During the games you play, your 17-month-old will have quite the display of skills to show off. As rolling and pushing toys around becomes mundane to her, get ready to intercept flying objects, as she’ll soon discover that throwing them is much more entertaining! Watch out for her kicker too, for she has found a new use for her legs.

If children grow up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses. – Goethe

This newly found knack for swinging limbs gives her a fresh appreciation for make believe and playing games. This month, your toddler will challenge you in a battle over food.

She’s likely to be more interested in pretending her high chair is a car she‘s riding in, rather than treating it like a place to eat. The luxurious days of having a child who would eat anything you offered seem long ago, as her food preferences may be minimal now.

As his toddler shyness dissipates, he will soon become partial to some people and greet them with excitement. After several months of fickle consideration for feelings belonging to others, he is beginning to develop genuine interest in them. His ability to empathize and understand the concept of sharing and showing affection will no longer look like a lost cause.

Some of your child’s actions seem to be punctuated with a question, which probably indicates that he is trying to figure out how his audience will react. When he performs a song, makes a funny face, and shows his ability to throw, kick, or say a new word, he is bound to receive applause. Pleasantries aren’t all he has to show though; he will likely test out pinching, biting, hitting, screaming, and other less amiable behaviors, too.

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future. – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Singing songs, or just talking with your toddler, is becoming increasingly fun, as her ten-word vocabulary gains another five words, or so, this month. Her speech increases in clarity each week; you will definitely notice this!

As her imagination increases its role in her play, she’ll find clever ways to use random things to fit into her make believe scenarios. Soon, your broom will become a horse, baskets into hats, a roll of toilet paper is a chair, hair brushes turn to microphones, and blankets transform into capes. Make believe play is necessary for healthy cognition, so encourage your imaginative toddler and marvel over her ability to make toys out of your unexciting household objects!


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My Toddler – Month 17

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  1. Alicia says:

    So my son is 17 months now, and he really doesn’t say any words. He used to say dada, and recently has said mama (not to my face, but to everyone else). So am I doing something wrong? We do speak two languages in my house. But I did the same with my other two children and they didn’t have an issue?

    • Ashley says:

      My daughter is 17 months and only says dada and a lot of babbling so I was a little worried

    • Tom says:

      Our son is 17 months old in a bilingual home and he has a vocabulary of only 5-6 words but I think I hear a few new ones every day. He took a long time to say Mama but does now consistently. I know he says a few Thai words as well. We were worried too since it seemed like forever for him to talk but it’s coming slowly. “Uh-ohhh” is his favorite as he flings thing in the air or pushes everything off tables and counters.

    • Megan Klay says:

      I have read that kids raised in bilingual households may start speaking a little later, but that it’s typically nothing to worry about. I’d just bring it up to your doctor at your son’s next appointment to see if they’re concerned. That’s wonderful you’re able to raise your children to be bilingual!


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