My Toddler – Month 16


At 16 months old, a toddler’s fine motor skills become more polished, as does  her ability to climb. Objects take on meaning, and toddlers begin to play with their imaginations. This month, some toddlers’ vocabulary may grow to an impressive ten words or more!

Last month, your child showed off his ability to climb stairs; so this month, don’t be surprised if you find your child going through your kitchen cupboards, or notice the drawers pulled out in a formation that represents a staircase to the counter top. With his gross motor skills at their best, he’ll be putting his pushing, pulling, and climbing skills together, to figure out new ways to gain a little height.

The parents exist to teach the child, but also they must learn what the child has to teach them; and the child has a very great deal to teach them. – Arnold Bennett

A few months ago, his little fingers could only grasp a marker and create big toddler scribbles; but as his fine motor skills become more exercised, he’s able to do so with more control now.

He may even be able to draw a line or two. At 16 months old, he is developing a knack for stacking. When he neatly piles several books on top of each other and carries them over to you, or turns their pages while you read, that’s not just cute; it’s an exciting show of fine motor skill development!

Trying to become independent can be really disappointing to your 16-month-old. In her attempt to do things that she’s not quite able to accomplish or participate in, be prepared for outbursts of frustration. Walking up stairs is one thing, but her ability to walk down them – as she sees you do – is another. Whether she is trying to play with older kids in a game of soccer, tie her own shoe, button up her own shirts, or pour her own beverage, she is probably struggling and getting frustrated! She’s going to try to do things she physically can’t do yet, which will result in a fit. Be prepared: offering her a little assistance may or may not ease her frustration. This month isn’t all frustrating, because there will be some good too! Your toddler may be warming up to other people, and may even become interested in playing with friends.

There is no experience like having children. That’s all. There is no substitute for it. You cannot do it with a friend. You cannot do it with a lover. If you want the experience of having complete responsibility for another human being, and to learn how to love and bond in the deepest way, then you should have children. – Mitch Albom

Her fears of being separated from you will lessen. You’ll notice her starting to use her imagination when she plays, which is always exciting to watch; and she might find and get attached to that one blanket, book, or toy that always keeps her happy and content.

With every passing month, your child’s ability to say words increases. This month, his vocabulary is up to ten words. As his vocabulary grows, he begins to connect those words with their meaning and purpose. He’s going to be rather pleased when he realizes that he understands the connection between the words “nose” and “smell.” You might find him constantly offering to let you to “smell” everything, from food to toys, with your “nose.”

As he begins to develop his ability to make simple connections, he’ll be busy exploring his surroundings. He’ll gradually start using tools for their intended purpose, and indulge his curiosities. Allow him to be inquisitive and celebrate his discoveries, for they are confirmations of a learning mind.


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My Toddler – Month 16

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  1. CM says:

    My 16 month old is far more ahead with her talking than her walking. She walks but very cautiously and with a purpose like if she sees a favorite toy somewhere that’s where she will go. She doesn’t walk too fast, run, or climb stairs yet. Yet my friend’s son was walking and running at 9-10 months. Every baby is different.
    But my daughter can say so many words and phrases for her age, at least 25-30. And I know she understands a whole lot more. Most of the babies I know don’t say that many words yet.
    Maybe it’s because we live in a small apartment in the city that her safe space/ play area is limited. As a stay at home mom I can’t take her out for too long in the stroller and we’re a little far from parks and kid friendly areas so those are limited to the weekends. But I do play with her and read her a lot of books at home. So that may be why she is better in some areas than others.

  2. londen says:

    My 16 month old still cannot walk and I do not know why. She crawls, stands (with a “crutch”), and walks on all fours but that is it. Is she just afraid or behind in physical development?

  3. Angelwings says:

    umm yeah this was my boy at 15 mos. To the point he goes looking for an air hammer(mechanic) to work on securing the stack he just made to get somewhere he shouldn’t go. Doesn’t talk to me at all though,

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