My Toddler – Month 13


At 13 months old, your cruising toddler may be walking very soon. Along with busy legs come busy little hands – and an active mind too! Be prepared, because as the gross and fine motor skills continue to develop, your child will keep you on your toes.

Last month, your toddler accomplished sitting up and pulling herself to a stand, but now you’ll notice her doing this with much more agility; she might even be able to stand or walk for a bit, sans supportive objects. As she attempts to take cruising to another level, braving a few steps away from the sure footing the furniture offers her, she may be slightly off balance; so offer to let her grasp your fingers while she gains a little stability.

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson after. – Vernon Law

As her fine motor skills increase and improve, she’ll have more control over what her little fingers can do. You’ll soon see that picking up tiny objects, ripping paper, turning knobs, opening lids, throwing toys, and feeding herself are among her favorite things to do. Keeping her hands busy will help these skills progress, so offer her stickers to peel off and stick to paper, let her push buttons, and allow her to make messes for her fingers to get in.

Besides you, your 13-month-old is beginning to recognize people by their names; he may even have a favorite person, like a grandma or another sibling. As he learns things and people by name, you are going to find that his means of indicating them is by pointing. There’s going to be a lot of pointing going on, like pointing to a certain shirt he wants to wear, pointing to a person he wants to go to, or pointing to something he wants that is out of his reach.

13 months is an interesting, fun age! Observe how he reacts to other people’s emotions. Laughter might become contagious for him whenever he witnesses someone else’s happiness. He may show his concern towards a sad person by offering something that makes him happy, whether it is a hug, a kiss, or sharing one of his toys. Sometimes he won‘t take any action, he‘ll just observe. These moments are all a part of learning, understanding his own and others’ feelings, and caring about others; so when appropriate, take the time to help him understand emotions.

When you catch a glimpse of your toddler with her shoulder to her ear, jabbering away into an imaginary phone, you’ll probably giggle and realize that your 13-month-old has started mimicking your words and actions!

We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every goodbye wave, every blown kiss, all the peek-a-boos, and every sing-a-long motion, she has learned by copying you.

Last month, we discussed a little about how your toddler will go through a stage of separation anxiety.

Up until this time, your child didn’t understand that the things or people she could no longer see still continued to exist.

Before, when she couldn’t see you, she didn’t have the ability to reason over where you had gone, sadly causing her to believe that you had vanished. That must have been terrifying, which is why she seemed so distressed! Gratefully, after 13 months, her cognition will start to develop, helping her to reason through this terrifying belief. So during this time, exercise her cognitive development by playing simple little games of hide-and-seek.


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My Toddler – Month 13

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  1. mommy nhoj says:

    Time flies indeed. My little girl now shared one of mommy’s interests – she likes JLo and dancing 🙂 She would also grab my phone and pretend to talk for few minutes. We specifically observed separation anxiety following her first bday. She now co-sleeps again with us. She would wake up in the middle of the night and cry until one of us picks her up.


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