My Toddler – Month 12


Your 12-month-old is going to achieve some amazing feats, as this month is the gateway to walking and talking. You’ll witness your toddler sitting, standing, and cruising, as well as speaking a few words, like “mom” or “dad,” and trying out new ones by attempting to enunciate words that you say.

All of your toddler's efforts of trying to sit up will pay off in a victory. After the sit up is mastered, you'll find him using furniture to pull himself up into a stand. As one mastery leads to another, your 12-month-old will begin cruising from chair to chair.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.  ― Margaret Mead

He may be off balance, cautious, pigeon-toed, or bowlegged during this stage, but he is nonetheless, preparing to walk.

As a baby, your child was working on his fine motor skills. He used his little hands and fingers to grasp and pinch things. He still does this now, but at 12 months of age, he is beginning to perfect this technique. Instead of grasping a hand full of your hair, or pinching your nose, he can now grasp other objects; so he may scribble with a marker, attempt to feed himself with a spoon, or pick up board books, turn their pages, and even throw them! Encourage and celebrate all of these actions, for they are evidence of some very significant physical development.

Changes in your toddler's behavior will arise as she strives for independence. The little things she does, like trying to dress herself, putting something together, trying to communicate, running away from you, fighting off sleep, or throwing a tantrum when she becomes frustrated, are all actions of a toddler who is exploring her independence.

Babies are usually content being in the comfort of any arms; but as they reach the toddler stage and become more aware of their surroundings, they begin to develop a little fear of unfamiliarity.

When kids hit one year old, it's like hanging out with a miniature drunk. You have to hold onto them. They bump into things. They laugh and cry. They urinate. They vomit. ― Johnny Depp

Your 12-month-old might begin to experience some anxiety when separated from your familiar and comforting presence.

It's not a pleasant ordeal – to experience your anxiety filled toddler – it's sad, but it is usually normal and can be eased by evading separation during her most sensitive, tired, and hungry times. When this stage of apprehension is treated with tenderness and reassurance, over time, she will learn that your separation is temporary and she'll gain the ability to trust someone other than you.

Your little guy has quite the vocabulary inside his head, but his ability to actually say those words will come later. At 12-months-old, he is probably saying “mom” and “dad,” as well as two or more words that he uses regularly. Encourage your toddler's language development by reading and repeating words to him, holding conversations with him, and by continuously introducing new vocabulary to him.

While watching your toddler play, you've probably noticed him in a deep concentration. It's as if you can see the wheels turning in his head as he tries to figure something out; encourage this problem-solving mindset. Developing problem-solving skills is a huge cognitive accomplishment. Recognize that his cognitive development improves each time he searches and finds something that is hidden, solves a puzzle, learns that his ball bounces better on hard surfaces, or even inspects and learns about something unfamiliar and new. His every inquisition is an opportunity for cognitive growth.


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My Toddler – Month 12

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi everyone…first time here..myy sonn turned 1 on April 24…and hes running every where..wen he wants something he comes and then points to the item he wants. I think all our bbys grow different. Sometimes i look at him and think wow you growing to fast. He eats on his own he luvs to play ball.. especially kicking the im about to potty train him..i know he understands me. I just wonder if its to early??

  2. Maribell says:

    MY SON IS 1 TODAY!!!! YAYYY! WE MADE IT THROUGH HIS 1ST YEAR! So happy today. My son has probably been taking 1-3 steps here and there since about 10-11 months. He’s still not a full blown walker to this day. But he is definitely taking way more steps here and there. Its so awesome to watch him get stronger and have more and more confidence in walking everyday. Bittersweet today because I do miss my sweet little baby. But excited about this new toddler age. And he’ll always be my sweet baby boy. Thx EverydayFamily for all the weekly updates of baby’s development. Been following this blog since I was pregnant and its been GREAT! There are tons of pages/blogs out there that send weekly updates but have to say this one is my favorite.

  3. Jessica says:

    My son turned 1 on May 11th. He first started crawling at 8 months, then 2 weeks later pulled himself to stand, then 3 days later began crusing. He took his first step at 9 months & began to climb everything he could reach the same day, mostly stairs. Now he can run & says 15 words regularly. He just finally got his first 2 teeth a day before his birthday :). He first started throwing tantrums at 9 months as well & showing signs of frustration when he couldn’t do things at 5 months. He developed separation anxiety at 2 months & has not been ok with being held by strangers or being where he can’t see my husband or I since.

  4. Karein says:

    My daughter just turned 1 December 22, 2013. She took her 1st 7 steps on Christmas. For about 5 days she would constantly get up and try walking. When she fell down, she would get up and try again…and again. Now she’s walking all by herself without falling. And her little waddle is just adorable! I love walking with her hand in mine wherever we go.

  5. Stephanie says:

    except my 1 yr old has been walking since she was 10.5 months old :-/

  6. Jerilyn says:

    I can’t believe how fast a yr went my baby girl is almost 13 months and has taken up to 4 steps without help but not walking just yet waiting patiently and the patience part is the hard part I’m ready but she isn’t just yet it’ll be fun when she does. go baby girl go!

  7. Colette says:

    My love just started walkin this week. How much fun hes becoming

  8. mommy nhoj says:

    Wow! New section to read! I’ll gonna visit this often soon 🙂 my little one is turning one in 2 months time! Way to go!

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