The growth and change that you've become accustomed to with your child continue through the toddler years. Below, you will find information about your toddler’s physical, language, behavioral, social, and emotional development and milestones, as well as tips and suggestions for you to help your toddler along the way.

Milestones - Toddler
5 Tips to Prepare to Transition your Toddler to the Big-Kid Bed

Within the next couple of weeks, we will be transitioning my toddler to a twin ...
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6 Ways You Can Teach Your Child Tolerance

Learning to recognize common ground can be uniting, but learning to recognize and accept ...
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Ready, Steady … Talk! Language Development Milestones from 0-3 Years

Around a year old, the magical moment occurs when your child says her first word. The ...
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Milestones: Children Feeding Their Playtime “Baby”

We've all seen young children doing it—pretending that their dolls or stuffed ...
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Milestones: Identifying Body Parts

As your child got older and began to explore your face with his hands as all babies ...
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Happy and Healthy Weaning

Weaning doesn't have to be hard. Oh, the horror stories you have probably ...
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