To Pierce or Not to Pierce

Baby girl with pierced earsIf you are considering having your baby's ears pierced, you can be sure to have lots of opinions thrown your way. Some people feel pretty passionately about baby ear piercing. Before you make the decision, be sure to learn the facts about ear piercing.

There are some risks associated with piercing a baby's ears. First, some babies are allergic to certain types of metals. This can cause a painful rash. Also, infections can be common in pierced ears. Parents need to keep the piercing clean, sometimes cleaning the area several times a day until it is completely healed, and that can be challenging when a baby is fiddling with an earring.

If you are planning to pierce your baby's ears, here are some suggestions from physician Meredith Goodwin. She suggests you ask your pediatrician to pierce your child's ears. Risk of infection from unclean piercing equipment can be avoided if a professional is the one piercing. She also recommends using 14 karat gold earrings or surgical steel in case your baby has sensitivity to metals. Finally, clean the piercing with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide several times a day, and watch closely for redness, which may be a sign of infection.

Basically, you are the parent, and it is your decision. Some people wait until their child asks. Some people don't allow piercings at all. Some parents pierce their baby's ears by two months. As long as you keep safety and cleanliness in mind, there's nothing wrong– or right– about baby ear piercing. It's just personal aesthetics.


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To Pierce or Not to Pierce

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  1. monette3 says:

    My husband and I are going to wait until our daughters ask us for ear piercing, nail polish, make-up, etc, and then we will agree when they are at an appropriate age for each. This is mostly because I want my girls to make their own choices about what happens to their body to keep them strong and safe, and I feel like taking those choices away from them contradicts that idea. However, it is a personal decision that every parent must make, and I don’t judge those who do it differently.

  2. john says:

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  3. jessicrossen says:

    Well maybe I’m crazy, but I decided not even to paint my baby girl’s nails until she’s old enough to tell me what color. Just because she’s female doesn’t guarantee she will want her ears pierced.

  4. LadyClark says:

    I think piercing a child ear should be something that is serious thought through as well as decide on by both parents. I and my husband decide on when was the right time to pierce our daughters ears. It also a good idea to make sure if deciding on piercing your daughter ears that a professional pierce your child ears.

  5. Melody says:

    I’ll be waiting until she’s old enough to make the choice for herself. She might not want it, after all, and I don’t feel good about forcing her into it. Of course, I don’t want the extra work, either! 🙂

  6. I don’t have my ears done so i will probably wait to see if she wants to.

  7. Hipmom808 says:

    I agree, every parent has a different view on baby piercing. Being a first time mom to my daughter, I was freaked by the idea…so I decided to wait until she is big enough to make the decision herself. However, baby girls with ear piercings just look so darn cute!

  8. Angie says:

    I have two daughters and took both of them to have their ears pierced when they were just six weeks old.

    Daddy gave me his full support for this decision. With our older child, I was unsure whether or not she should have her ears pierced at such a young age but our ped referred to her hairdresser where she has
    has been going for several years provides an ear piercing service for baby girls from one month after their first DTP from the ped. She suggested I should make this decision for our first baby when she
    reached this milestone.

    I was a bit nervous at first but my hairdresser assured me it was best. Baby cried for about half a minute and then quickly forgot about it and we have had no problems with them since then. She gave me
    short list of "to do’s" before we brought her in for the ear piercing.

    When our second daughter was born, t was a much easier decision. Daddy loved how our first girl looked so cute with little earrings and
    like "daddy’s little girl." We were both delighted we decided that they
    should both start wearing earrings from a young age.

    It is true that the baby does cry a little after having it done but sometimes as a parent you have to be cruel to be kind and it is not only far easier for them to have it done when they are tiny but they grow
    up used to wearing earrings as though they are part of them. They also look very pretty.

    Did I say she would look adorable in her upcoming holiday pics with little pierced earrings?

    Our daughters are now two and three years and love wearing earrings. We can also taking them out for periods without the holes closing up. I know not everyone agrees with our decison but I firmly believe that little girls should have their ears pierced when they are babies and it is now increasingly popular for parents to make the same decision for their daughters.

    I’ve been seeing more babies and little girls with cute earrings in MDO and in our playgroups for both girls. Many of the moms ask me a 100 questions and some of the moms with older infants and toddler wish
    they had done it sooner.

    Write me if you’d like our hairdresser’s short "to do" list before having your dd’s ears pierced.


  9. ErinF says:

    As long as the parent is educated in and prepared to deal with the aftercare and maintenance, eh, go wild. Personally, I don’t see the appeal, and wouldn’t want that extra duty on top of the necessary infant care. I won’t get my child’s ears pierced unless they ask, and then only if I feel that they are capable of their own maintenance. And as the previous poster said, the piercing should be done by a ped or professional piercer–with a needle, not one of those guns they use at the mall.

  10. MommyMagic says:

    I’ve never understood the desire to pierce so early, but to each his own… But absolutely have it done by a pediatrician or for those who plan to wait until children are older and able to make their own decision, employ the services of a professional piercer. Yes, I know piercing studios sound frightening to many people, but they are well trained individuals and the health standards are much higher than that of a piercing booth at the mall.

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