Tips & Hints When Your Newborn Is Sick


For every child is born, a “germaphobe” comes to life. Suddenly, this new mommy  is constantly reminding family members to wash their hands, and she is disinfecting every door knob the moment is it used. After selecting a grocery cart, this mommy, who once passed the  store’s disinfectant wipe stand without reservation, now wipes and sanitizes the entire cart with excessive enthusiasm.

If your child is younger than three months and has a temperature of 100.4°F or higher, you should call a pediatrician immediately.

Dear New Mom, you are simply trying to prevent your little one from getting sick! This sudden interest in germ-fighting is just one of many ways you’ll care for your newborn’s health. At times, you’ll wish for some sort of protective bubble to place around your child, like when you’re at the doctor's office for a well-baby visit and it seems like every other child in the waiting room is either sneezing, coughing, or producing thick ropes of green-colored snot. Unfortunately, that protective bubble doesn’t exist; and most likely, your newborn will eventually contract a virus, regardless of how diligent you are in this war against germs. Take heart by remembering that, if your little one gets sick, there are numerous things you can do to help ease his or her discomfort.

According to, any child “younger than three months (12 weeks)” you should call your doctor immediately if he or she “has a temperature of 100.4° F or higher.” Your doctor may want to draw blood and collect a urine sample from your little one, just as a precaution. This can be extremely frightening; but the tests are necessary in order to rule out certain newborn illnesses, caused from birth, that are quite serious and, in truth, really rare. Urine is sometimes drawn using a catheter; and blood is easily drawn from the heel, or from the back of the hand with a very tiny butterfly needle. If everything checks out, your doctor should offer additional advice for things you can do at home to help your child.

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A fever is just an indication that your immune system is working. So even though this fever is making your little one fussy, it’s a sign that his body is naturally responding to the virus and fighting back. In fact, many doctors will NOT treat a fever that is below 100.4°F. A virus simply needs to run its course. The only thing you can do to help your baby, in the meantime, is to make him as comfortable as you can. Here are a few tips:

Do NOT over-dress your newborn

Newborns can’t regulate their body temperatures very well. Do not over-dress your newborn; overheating, especially with a fever, can be extremely dangerous. Dress your newborn in layered, light clothing, so that if the fever continues to increase, you can take off any extra clothing.

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Tips & Hints When Your Newborn Is Sick

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    My baby is sick right now at three months and wont eat I have to feed her with a dropper a little at a time because too much and she vomits.

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  10. my oldest was in and out for a while because of acid reflux but i put him on oatmeal at 1 month and his reflux was gone 🙂

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