Themes for Pregnancy Dreams

woman sleepingYour dreams during pregnancy can be crazy, exceptionally vivid, bizarre, and sometimes frightening. There are some themes in pregnancy dreams that many women experience. Here are a few common themes and what they may mean:

Childhood home or childhood friends appearing in dreams

These dreams symbolize your past self. Pregnant women often dream about their childhood homes or acquaintances because they’re sort of saying goodbye to their old selves and recognizing that they will be assuming a new identity soon.

Sex dreams

You may have more erotic dreams while pregnant. You hormones are changing, your blood flow is increasing, and you are experiencing many different emotions. People you dream about generally represent something about yourself. If you dream about a co-worker or friend, you’re really dreaming about yourself and who you are in regards to that person. Dreams about exes may mean that you’re thinking about your past self.

Dreams about the gender of your baby

Many women dream of their baby’s gender. Well, these women probably don’t have psychic powers. Dreaming about your baby’s gender means different things to different people. It may be you are hoping very much for either a boy or girl, and that’s spilling over into dreamland, or it could represent the fear of having one or the other.

Dreams about transportation and losing control

You might be alone in a moving car but trapped in the backseat, or you might be on a crazy rollercoaster. These dreams tend to represent your feelings of lack of control, whether that’s over your changing body or changes in your life. These dreams can also be exhilarating or terrifying, depending on your waking reaction.

Water dreams

Water is a powerful theme in dreams. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy and your attitude toward pregnancy, the water dreams can mean a number of things. For example, if you’re newly pregnant and dreaming of water (e.g. rain, ocean, bathtubs, garden hoses), it can mean a feeling of cleansing, new beginnings, and new life. If you’re at the end of your pregnancy and dreaming of water (a dam bursts, or a tidal wave, etc.), it might be a representation of your feelings toward the impending labor.

Dreams that your baby is born, but it’s not a baby

Many women dream of giving birth; however, in the dream, it’s not a little newborn that they meet – it’s a grown adult or a pet. This might suggest that you’re having some fear about becoming a parent and, through dreaming, you’ve self-constructed a baby that you’d have no trouble taking care of, such as a self-sufficient adult or a kitten.

Dreams about losing, or forgetting, your baby somewhere

Dreaming about losing your baby, or having the baby and then forgetting it somewhere (at home alone, at the hospital, in the garage), is also pretty common. Experts believe this is just another manifestation of fear that you’re not ready to be a parent.


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Themes for Pregnancy Dreams

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m expecting a boy in Aug. and have dreams of him doing rotten things to his big brothers stuff when he is a toddler to about 10yrs old. Like burying big brother beloved wrestlers in the yard with huge Tonka trucks lol I think its mostly because I can’t stand wrestling. I also have dreams of him looking very much like my grandfather and having his temperament, soooo looking forward to my little guy.

  2. Rebekkah says:

    I had a dream my baby was born but it was a chocolate baby with caramel filling and my boyfriend and I ate part of it then we couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going back together idk what that means but it was trippy

  3. mollie says:

    For the past couple nights I’ve had the same dream. It was me having a baby boy . Well I guess I’ll wait til next week to find out.

  4. Miranda says:

    With my first pregnancy the only dream I had about my son was that I left him on top of the car and drove off with him on top:( That scared me. Luckily my son is now 5 and it never happened. This time around (my second pregnancy) I keep having dreams about my son-to-be. Not dreams, nightmares. I have very real-like dreams that stress me and cause me anxiety:( I don’t remember all of them but they are usually that I have him premature at about 22 weeks which is what I am now. The most recent one he came out deformed and grew into a semi-normal looking baby but there was def permanent damage to his right eye:'( It’s terrible, and I have a hard time sleeping already- can’t get comfortable, trouble falling asleep and staying asleep and then when I wake up distressed from one of these nightmares naturally can’t go back to sleep. In fact I end up wanting to cry.:(

  5. Mary-Hope says:

    I have the dream about losing or forgetting the baby alllllll the time

  6. kimberly says:

    I have every aspect from dreams about my dad (who just passed away in november) to my childhood, to my husband being no where to be found when im in labor, to dreams about working (i own a hair salon) and the baby getting in the way of me coloring hair, to really violent dreams (tho me and my husband are on a csi miami marathan the last two weeks).

  7. Moorie says:

    Seriously, I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this! I earn up to $500 per week. And what’s awesome is Im working from home so I get more time with my family. You’ll need a computer, an Internet connection & a can-do attitude. View it now

  8. Amy says:

    I keep on having dreams about family…..

  9. Valiegurl says:

    I’ve been remembering my dreams way more since getting pregnant. They are all so weird and over the place but so vivid. They are too weird to seem real though thank goodness.

  10. candace says:

    I dreamed I was at a funeral and that day my family said my aunt died. that hurt so much. what does that mean.

  11. I killed two men that were trying to hurt me n this other lady I didnt know. This is a recurring dream. Ugh. Y cant I just have sex dreams like everyone else.

  12. Destiny says:

    with my first pregnancy I always dreamed I was fighting. I fought ninjas, monkeys, and ninja monkeys…lol

  13. stephanie says:

    I dreamed I was pregnant and the gender of the baby with all three of my kids before I even knew I was pregnant. And the children came out looking exactly like my dream ( at least with my first two) I’m still waiting to have the baby boy come out. Any day now ha. 🙂

  14. Holly says:

    my dreams are a lot crazier than these listed.

  15. Dario says:

    this sounds crazy

  16. I’ve had all of these except #4, #6, and #7

  17. Kristin says:

    I’m having very frequent dreams involving water: Everything from enjoying a relaxing soak in the tub, watering my garden, forgetting to give the dogs water on a hot day, to not being able to find a drink of water. Never really scary dreams, just a little weird sometimes. Thanks for letting me share!

  18. Kumora says:

    i have had a few dreams in which i was put in a situation that my DH dies and i am on my own while pregnant. the most recent one involved a similar theme but i was also in danger even though my kid was fine and i had to be put on life support. i am about 22 weeks… is that normal?

  19. Giselle says:

    Sounds like a bogus interpretation on the Childhood/Past dreams one. This is my 3rd pregnancy (2nd baby) & I have dreams about the past (& sex) all the time, how am I "recognizing a new identity" if I have been a mom for quite a while now.
    When pregnant with my son I’d always dream I was having a baby girl & because of this I refused to write his name down in his baby book or anywhere else till he was born & it was confirmed it was a boy.

  20. vicki says:

    I had a weird dream the other night, I dreamed that I was at a doctors office and at 21 weeks the nurse delivered my baby, but it was not a normal delivery, in fact it was just like she took the baby from my belly without surgery or anything. I was concerned because I was so early and she said everything would be fine she handed me my baby and when I looked down the baby was more like a doll but was alive with some sort of black wires coming from its body….very weird!

  21. April says:

    i’ve been haveing the same dream that the doctor tells me that me or the baby must die wht does this mean can anybody give me some feed back on this

  22. i have dreams about sex and leaving my baby at the hospital a couple of times.

  23. Jeanetta says:

    I always dream about having a baby girl…and I dreamed once I gave birth to a kitten,

  24. I always have "what if" dreams. They always scare me.

  25. Anber says:

    Although I was told that I would be having a baby girl, last night I dreamed that my baby is a boy and quite a big baby it was. However, I did not know its name in the dream. Strange.

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