The Gender Selection Diet

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While many couples parrot the phrase “We just want a healthy baby” when asked which gender they would prefer, there are couples who also want a specific gender. Whether your gender preference is due to already having more of the other gender, wanting a boy to carry on a name, or wanting a girl to dress up and play with, gender selection has become increasingly popular. Even though there are several old wives tales that “help” you conceive one gender, there are also some methods that scientists have tested. One of these methods is the altering of your diet, prior to conceiving.

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Diet Method

Researchers at Exeter College in the University of Oxford conducted a study into women’s diets prior to conceiving and their gender outcome. According to the study, women who consumed more calories and potassium rich foods conceived boys at a rate of 56 percent, a 6 percent increase over the natural 50/50 odds. The diet has been called the IG diet, French Diet, and Boy/Girl diet.

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The Boy Diet

Depending on your source, the boy diet recommendations include adding more calories at, or greater than, 2,500 calories per day, eating breakfast , and consuming foods high in potassium and salt to change the chemistry of your body to be more alkane and hospitable to boy sperm. The French Diet recommends you eat bananas, drink coffee and fizzy drinks, all meats, and dry, salted fish. You should also avoid milk, milk-based bakery items, unsalted butter, cheese, and yogurt. Researchers recommend you start the diet one month prior to trying to conceive and continuing the diet until you are pregnant.

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The Girl Diet


The girl diet requires that mothers eat less food and avoid salt, yeast, most meat and fish, coffee, and fizzy drinks. The recommended foods to eat are milk, creamy, milk-based sauces without salt, unsalted butter, strawberries, onions, garlic, mustard, pears, and yogurt. You want your body chemistry to become more acidic to prevent the “weaker” male sperm from surviving.

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Does It Work?

According to the study, your odds rise to 56/44 instead of 50/50 when using diet as a gender selection method. However, according to Steven Ory, MD, “There really is no old-fashioned technique that can influence sex selection.” He goes onto say that your chances of conceiving one gender are 50/50, regardless of the diet method you choose.

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Are There Risks?

While a diet may seem like a small, harmless method when trying to select your baby’s gender, there are some risks. As with any diet, you should consult your doctor before adding or removing food groups from your diet. If you invest yourself in this diet and you still become pregnant with the opposite gender, you may find yourself depressed and unable to bond with your baby. Make sure you do your research and understand that no low-tech method will have 100 percent success.

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The Gender Selection Diet

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  1. We are a family of four. My mother had conceived two daughters. They wanted to have a baby boy; but they wouldn’t like to risk of having another baby girl. My sister have two daughters trying to conceive a boy. Now, that I am having my own family, I wanted to have a baby boy for my first born. I searched and searched for methods on how to conceive a baby boy. I found out the most convincing method online and tried to follow it. Good thing, it works! We are now welcoming the first baby boy of the family this December! You can pick the gender you just need to take a risk.

  2. lucy says:

    Read ‘Swaying’ by Lucinda Blanchard on Amazon. It’s a fictional account of two woman who really want a daughter and try lots of crazy methods to sway the odds, diet included along with other things.

  3. kirsten says:

    I’ve read some articles related to this.

  4. bmattler92 says:

    want to hold on to this for next time our little boy turns 1 in a month and in about two years we wanna try giving him a little sister

  5. TaKeisha says:

    It’s worth a try…but what if you’re trying for twins; 1 boy and 1 girl then which diet do you try?

  6. mommy nhoj says:

    Hmmm…. Sounds interesting! I did cut off my caffeine intake before I got pregnant with our first. We want a boy but the diet maybe less agreeable with my doctor.

  7. миша says:

    Baby gender determination before birth and conception. Baby gender determination by photo of parents only. To do this I have an account and a group at Facebook. The group is called Baby gender by parents photo.

  8. carol says:

    We are on the Girl Gender Diet Program. I purchased the Girl Diet and Supplements from:
    I am a mom of 3 boys and reallly want a little girl! So far the diet is very easy to follow and I can’t wait for my little girl 🙂 We plan on conceiving this Fall and will know the gender of the baby by the winter!

  9. Oh my God! I did not know this! This is great to know for when we are trying for another baby! I’m rooting for a girl!

  10. should’ve read this first, but i am happy with my baby girl 🙂

  11. Marilyn says:

    I’m a vegan and I ended up with a boy ^_^

  12. Elfie says:

    I ate the girl diet and had a beautiful son. (I wasn’t trying for a girl. That’s just what I eat)

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