The Colors of Newborn Poop


Are you looking for the scoop on newborn poop? The truth is newborn poop can be quite alarming, ranging in colors from green, yellow, orange, and black.

The color of your newborn’s stool will give you the best clues as to what is going on with your baby. 

For most newborns, the first bowel movement occurs within three days of birth.

The first stool consists of meconium (fecal matter present in your baby’s intestines before he or she is born).

The resulting stool will be pasty, thick, and sticky and can be black, green, or numerous colors in between. Parents need to look at their newborn’s meconium to make sure that it is not bloody or laden with mucous. If it is, you should give your pediatrician a call.

Once the meconium has passed, your newborn’s stool color and consistency will change significantly. It will become looser, possible runny, and will begin taking on a yellowish, seedy look. This normally occurs around the third or fourth day of life in breastfed babies and indicates that the mother’s milk supply is transitioning from colostrum to milk. In formula fed babies, the transition likely occurs more quickly.

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The frequency of newborn poop also varies greatly. According to Dr. Jay Gordon’s The Color of the Day: Solving Bowel Movement Mysteries, most breastfed babies will produce stools anywhere from 1 to 10 times per day.

Formula-fed babies will produce stool likely one to two times per day. Even so, he advises parents ‘not to freak out’ should your baby not have a bowel movement for an entire day. Instead, look for signs that they are constipated, straining, or uncomfortable, and call your pediatrician accordingly.

Remember that stools vary from child to child, and can be influenced greatly by the diet of breastfeeding mothers.

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The Colors of Newborn Poop

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  10. Helpful! I never would have thought I would be so concerned about poop until I had my son. =P

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    the poop game. I can say breast feed babies can get constipated and poop less often as well. My son follows my habits of pooping. Doc says its normal for baby to take on one of the parents bowel habits.

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    I was worried when I realized that my girls poop was not the "normal" color and not seedy. It never has been and the pediatrician said that it was normal for her.

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    constipation for little ones is NO fun

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