Taking an Active Role in Your Child’s Education

child talking with motherTeachers do as much as they can for their students, but they only have a certain amount of time to spend on each individual child in the classroom. They teach children what they can, but they need us to help continue teaching our children – long after school is out. One of the best ways you can enhance your child‘s learning experience is to teach them how to use the information they learn in their classroom and apply it to their everyday life.

Have your child help you prepare meals for the family. Let her take part in selecting a recipe and planning the menu while you explain why our bodies need food, and the types of food we need to be healthy. All the measuring, dumping, pouring, sprinkling, reading, and baking will open up lessons in math, science, and reading.

A simple campfire, such as a hotdog roast and S’mores, in the back yard can be full of precious, teachable moments. Let your child be involved with as much as he can. Ask him to gather five pieces of dry wood for the fire pit. Teach a lesson in patterns while making S’mores. Once the stars come out, teach him how to look for the Big Dipper and Orion, and sing songs together around the fire. In one sweet, little night, you’ve worked on counting, patterns (which help develop reading and math skills), astronomy, and rhyming.

The beach is equipped with learning tools, too. Use problem-solving skills while trying to build a sand sculpture. Try to build one with sand that’s too wet, another one with sand that’s too dry, and sand with just the right amount of moisture in it. Help your child figure out why one sculpture turned out better than the others. Teach letter sounds, spelling, and reading by writing words in the sand. Show her how to tell time by making a clock in the sand and using a sun dial.

A regular day doing housework is another great way to get a few lessons in. Let your child help you with the laundry. Sort the dirty laundry into piles of whites, darks, reds, heavy fabrics, and lightweight fabrics. Teach him that little loads need less water than larger ones. Help him fold the clean laundry. Have him fold a towel in half, and then into thirds. Count socks, and then throw in a little lesson about subtraction as you put them away. This is perfect because he’s learning about classification, ratios, fractions, and math while you get help doing chores.

When it comes to our children’s education, we, as parents, are their best teachers. Everyday holds countless opportunities to teach our child something. You may even be doing it already, and not even know it. Take an active role in your child’s education by taking advantage of teachable moments, volunteering at school, if possible, and communicating with the teacher. Let your children know that you value their learning, and that you’re excited for them. Always encourage their imagination and curiosity, it’ll keep them interested and wondering what they can in learn in every situation.

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Taking an Active Role in Your Child’s Education

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  1. Profile photo of mommy nhoj mommy nhoj says:

    Count us in! My mother in law is a retired teacher and my husband first job was a clinical instructor for the college of nursing. So we have handy educators in the house. Though I don’t feel as good as them, I believe there’s so much my kid can learn from me!

  2. I am definitely going to play an active role in my child’s education!

  3. Profile photo of Marilyn Marilyn says:

    Learning is always fun 😀

  4. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    I love this, and can’t wait to implement these and similar ideas. This is a great way to instill the concept early on that learning can be fun and applicable to real life. I remember a lot of little teachable moments from my parents when I was little.


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