Starting a Fertility Journal

Young female is making notes in her day bookFor parents trying to get pregnant, a fertility journal is a great idea to help record thoughts and feelings, as well as to keep track of your cycle, diet, and changes in your body. So, how exactly do you start a fertility journal, and what do you put in it?

First you need somewhere to record everything. Rather than a notebook, you may prefer a small binder that you can add pages to. Get some dividers and pockets, so you can organize everything and keep it in one place. Finally, get some nice paper to write on and a fun pen. Take it all home and organize it so that you have a journal section as well as a charts and tracking section. If you prefer, you can print charts and tables online and put them in the binder too. Keep it close – your bedside table is the best location.

Next, you need to decide what exactly you want to keep in your fertility journal. The “journal” part can include your thoughts and feelings, what you’ve been eating, or how your fertility journey is progressing. It’s entirely up to you. In the charts and tracking section you can record your basal body temperature, cervical mucus changes, or any other information you need or want to track while you are on your journey to pregnancy.

Finally, don’t forget to record the days you attempt to conceive so you’ll know exactly what day your precious baby was created on! If you are trying for a particular gender of baby, then also write down the position you used and whether you had an orgasm – it may seem odd now, but you can look back and see if your method worked, which can be helpful for future kids (whether yours or someone else’s).

A fertility journal is a tool – in order for it to be of use you need to use it properly. If you are simply using it to record your feelings then you can write in it when you have a chance, but if you are tracking your cycles then you have to make use of it every single day.

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Starting a Fertility Journal

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  1. Profile photo of TaKeisha TaKeisha says:

    I am going to start a fertility journal tomorrow!!! It will be good for me to put on feelings on paper.

  2. Wow I have never thought about doing this. It is a great way to remember.

  3. Profile photo of JoyRied JoyRied says:

    I’ve done that for a really long time! Way before wanting a baby.

  4. Profile photo of Aimee Aimee says:

    I try and keep track with a planner.

  5. Profile photo of Lulu Lulu says:

    This is a pretty good idea.

  6. Profile photo of Briana Briana says:

    I love this! I started jotting down everything a few months ago and it really helps me to remember things and keep track of my body changes, cycles, ovulation, babymaking, etc., I’m hoping it will give me more insight to how my body works and boost my chances of concieving. Hopefully soon! But if not at least I’ll fun looking back at it! 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    I didn’t do any of this. I will next time

  8. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I would have done this had we been trying to conceive the baby. Great article.


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