Sore Hips

pregnant womanSore hips are common during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones such as progestrerone and relaxin prepare your body for labor by loosening the ligaments over your hips. You will be thankful for this extra range of motion during delivery, but right now you may be experiencing mild discomfort that can increase as your pregnancy progresses.

Possible Remedies

  • If you are experiencing sore hips, it's important to pay careful attention to your sleeping arrangements. Hard mattresses can contribute to tenderness in your hip region. Adding an extra soft layer between you and the mattress, like a towel or quilt, may help ease the pain. If that is not enough, a memory foam mattress topper can work wonders!
  • Change sleeping positions. The best sleeping position for sore hips is on your side with both legs bent. A small pillow placed between the knees will support your legs and take some pressure off of your hips.
  • During the day, be mindful of your sitting position. Avoid crossing your legs, and as your belly grows, you may need to sit with your knees apart.
  • Heat packs or hot water bottles may also provide some relief for sore hips. Asking your partner for a gentle massage is also a great way to get some relief.
  • Avoid activities that may aggravate your hips. Take a look at your exercise routine. Swimming can be a gentle and effective exercise, but certain strokes, like the breaststroke, can put added pressure on your lower back and aggravate your hip pain.
  • Speak to your physician if your hip pain continues and is causing you extreme discomfort.


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Sore Hips

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  1. 38 weeks and 4 days and this hip pain just started and it’s awful. Can’t wait to deliver already and have my body to myself so I can get a good stretching and can’t wait to work out.

  2. I do the exact same thing! 38 weeks pregnant and swelling just started and it looks awful. Couch is only way to get good elevation.

  3. Queen says:

    Im on my fifth child yes i said fifth lol my hips/pelvic hurts so bad i feel like its gonna brake at times. They say your pelvic bone actually does crack a bit for each child thats crazy…. The stuff we do for the love of having our precious babies. I love my kids and we are done after this baby. ; )

  4. Marina says:

    My OB and PCP, both recommended Chiropractor and trochanter belt or SI belt to help support the hips. The hip pain and hip clicking is terrible.

  5. MamaCat says:

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING and so far all that helps is resting on my heating pad when I get home from work and not sitting for too long when I’m at work. Hard since I work at a desk but I get up so much to go to the restroom – AH to be seven months pregnant 🙂 – that it’s not so bad.

  6. I went to a chiropractor yesterday for my hip pain. It was like a miracle! I highly recommend seeing one who is familiar with the pregnant body.

  7. ErinF says:

    I started waking up throughout the night with hip pain at about 18 weeks. Two things that have helped tremendously are my Snoogle body pillow and prenatal yoga, especially since I’ve started going to classes several times a week.

  8. Just started having hip pain =[

  9. Anber says:

    I wake up during the night because of the pain

  10. AmyC says:

    Definitely not enjoying the hip pain.

  11. Jeanetta says:

    My hips are killing me and nothing really helps.

  12. nessa.m says:

    mild discomfort! right. for me it’s extreme discomfort….it hurts to walk. hooray for visiting the doctor tomorrow!

  13. emi285 says:

    Swimming works wonders for all sorts of pregnancy pains, but climbing out of the water SUCKS!!!

  14. Faleshia says:

    if you have not only sore hips but pain in your back a small blanket behind your back will help relieve this pain. it also helps if the pillow between your legs is not to big.

  15. My hips do get sore. So does my lower back! Just 10 more weeks!

  16. Julie says:

    My belly is so big now I do have to sit with my legs apart anyway. My hips still get sore sitting like that too.

  17. Brandice says:

    I feel the pain…in the hips and back that is!!! Nothing seems to help 100% but cold packs do numb it for a bit

  18. marylove says:

    It seems like sleeping on my sides is what makes my hips hurt! Not sure what to do about that… I have a body pillow I sleep with but that only helps so much… 🙁

  19. lisa_iowa says:

    I often end up sleeping on the couch with one foot resting on the arm rest to get it propped up. Helps with the swelling in that foot, also. Added bonus: the couch is right under the vent and ceiling fan so lots of a/c cool air!

  20. ornella says:

    so me right now and i cant help but cross my legs when i sit. I sleep mostly on my back and i’m pretty comfy there.

  21. this is exactly what i’m going through right now

  22. SammysMOMMY says:

    I have found that blankets between my knees while i lay on my side helps a lot!

  23. I’m sore a lot in my hip/upper thigh/pelvic area. Sometimes sleeping on my side with a pillow helps.

  24. McKenzie says:

    Have not had this problem yet, hope I don’t have to deal with it.

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