You’ll Never Guess What These Moms Really Want From Schools

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By now, most of our kids are officially back to school. We've sent them off with freshly brushed hair, rosy cheeks, and picture-perfect outfits–at least on the first day. But what we do keep sending them with every single day is nothing more than crossed fingers and a hope that … what? What do you really want (more than anything) for your kids' school year?

When I was a classroom teacher before I was a mother, I assumed that what parents really wanted to know about was their kids' learning – their successes and their goals. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I asked five moms to share their school-year wishes for their kids. And although their wishes are being made more than a decade after those of my students' parents and from different homes and ethnicities and backgrounds, they fall right in line with each other, which I find … lovely, and I think that you will, too. 

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So what do parents of only children and multiple children, grade schoolers, high schoolers, and even home schoolers really want from their kids' school years? Find out here.

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Kristen Higgins is a work-at-home/office mom who loves to write whenever she gets the chance. You can find her regularly on The Soccer Moms.

About her school-year wishes for her kids, she says, “My wishes for my two daughters this year are simple. I wish for them to continue to treat books as a passport that can take them anywhere in this world, universe, and beyond. I wish for them to try out for new things and know that even though the landing may be hard if they don't succeed, that there is still always a landing where they can brush off the dirt and dust and try something else. I wish for them to spread kindness and support for not only their friends but for everyone they come in contact with. I wish for them to know that their smile is contagious and to generously share those smiles with their classmates and teachers. I wish for them to keep soaking in all of the knowledge they're offered with curiosity and excitement. I wish for them to feel grateful for their education, the hard work and dedication from their teachers and administrators, and going to school nourished. I wish for them to understand that the school year is a privilege that not all are so fortunate to have.”

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Keesha Beckford writes, choreographs, and parents–all at the same time. Anyone seen her mind? Because she's looking for it! You can read her words on Mom's New Stage.

About her school-year wishes for her kids, she says, “What do I wish for my kids for this school year? Someone to teach them to follow instructions before the head of the person doing the asking explodes from sheer frustration. Sigh. OK, there's more than that. I have a child in her last year of pre-kindergarten and another entering kindergarten. I want them to love school, as in bubbling with excitement about the day, barely-looking-behind-them-to-say-goodbye love school. I wish them a school–a classroom–where their curiosity is piqued and all the questions that make me burn dinner will find a receptive and responsive ear. I hope they have a chance to develop their strengths and talents and discover new ones. And on the flip side, as painful as it might be, I want them to find strategies for dealing with the frustration that comes from things not coming so easily. Socially, I hope they make at least one good friend. The friend who is there for them and whose presence makes anything better.”

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Heather Huffman is a homeschooling mom to three boys who writes contemporary romance. You can find Heather and her words on her personal blog.

About her school-year wishes for her kids, she says, “My ultimate goal for each of my children this school year is that they will find their passion–something they really love–that they can invest themselves in. One of the reasons my family decided to homeschool our children this year was so each could get individualized attention that would allow those passions to flourish.” 

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Christine Yu is a writer, a mom to two boys, and the author of the blog Love, Life, Surf.

About her school-year wishes for her kids, she says, “Wow. September again. My boys will be entering kindergarten and 2nd grade–finally at the same school together. (Ohmygosh thank goodness for ONE drop-off and pick-up). My wish for my boys as they enter this school year? I know that being in the next grade up seems so much cooler, but there's plenty of time for that. Don't rush through this year. Don't worry about doing everything perfectly. There will be mistakes, and they aren't the end of the world. Enjoy being YOU and finding the things that make you happy. Be silly. Have fun. Be brave. Be kind to yourself, each other, your friends, and your teacher. I can't wait to see where this year will take you.”

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Lisa Page Rosenberg is a writer and a soccer mom who blogs every day at Smacksy.

About her school-year wishes for her son, she says, “As my son enters second grade, I remind him that the most important thing he can learn in this, or any school year, is kindness. I tell him that every day he will be given many opportunities to practice kindness, and it is his job to recognize those times and act on them. Yes, I want him to fall in love with books and numbers and the universes inside them. I want him to be curious and questioning and a seeker of wisdom as well as knowledge. I want him to be a brave peacemaker and a loyal friend and have fun. But above all, I tell him to show the world kindness, please, always kindness.”

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What's your biggest wish for your kids for this school year?

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You’ll Never Guess What These Moms Really Want From Schools

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