Win Motherhood: 10 Things All Good Moms Do

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Mother judging is a thing.

Fact to business, we all do it. We all think we do the best for our kids, and we don't want anyone telling us their way is better.

Personally, I'm a to-each-her-own type of mama. I take care of mine, you take care of yours, and as long as yours aren't throwing sand at mine on the playground, we're all good.

Because I know that most moms are trying to do the best they can for their babies, what looks like the best to me may not look like the best for you. Every mother is different because, despite our superhero powers, we are all just human on the inside.

But even with that in mind, we are, in many ways, the same.

I reached out to my mama friends to hear what they thought, and we all agreed that when it comes down to it, there are some things all moms do, especially the good ones.

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Good moms … Listen.

To stories and problems and complaints and cries. They can't always make everything better, but listening and trying is usually where they start.

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Good moms … Solve problems.

Or at least do a really good job of pretending to. Mothering is like marketing: it's all about the spin, and with a little sparkle and a fun song, they can usually make their kids buy just what they're selling.

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Good moms … Choose joy.

Good moms show their kids how to be happy by working really hard to be happy. And, if Mom can pull it off, covered in barf, without a shower or more than 45 minutes of sleep in days, probably anyone can.

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Good moms … Roll with the punches.

Flexibility is a staple of motherhood because, without it, their children will break them.

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Good moms … Say sorry.

And admit when they're wrong. Like, you don't have to make a huge production about that being wrong part (you don't want your husband to overhear), but it's cool to let your kids know that sometimes you make mistakes.

Plus, saying sorry is hard, and their kids need to see it in action to know why it's worth it.

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Good moms … Have faith.

In their parenting. And in their ability to make it through another day, no matter how unlikely that seems when they look at the clock, and it's literally only FIVE a.m. Why are these people up at 5 a.m.?!

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Good moms … Speak the truth.

Unless lying is in order. Because no one can know about the ice cream stashed in the freezer behind the ground beef and the mixed vegetables. NO. ONE.

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Good moms … Encourage adventure.

Get outside. Or if outside isn't their happy place (girl, I feel you), they stay inside. Just make every day special and memorable, even if it's only sitting on the couch with a bag of microwave popcorn and a good read-aloud book.

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Good moms … Love hard.

And squeeze their kids so they know they mean it.

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Good moms …

Laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

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Win Motherhood: 10 Things All Good Moms Do

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