What Does a Postpartum Mom Bod Really Look Like?

Image via Megan Klay

The human body is something pretty incredible, but the human female body is even more mind blowing. We grow life, ladies — life with eyeballs that see, fingers with fingernails, and all of the other beautiful, amazing, tiny things that our babies arrive into the world with, fresh from our wombs. Wow.

I recently put together a blog post with images shared by our Facebook community of what their bodies looked like in all their 9-months' pregnant glory. The images show how very different women all wear pregnancy and still manage to look gorgeous.

I turned to our wonderful Facebook community once again because I wanted to share with the masses how very differently splendid mamas' bodies look after they have grown and given birth to their little loves. The results did not disappoint.

Image via Facebook/Toni P.
“Three days post. I only gained 15 pounds, and she was 8 pounds, but I'm down 10 pounds and can't seem to lose any more. But it's only three months out, and what I have is more important.”
Image via Facebook/Colleen H.

“Seven months after my twins. I'm at the point where some of my shirts hide it, but some make me look pregnant.”

Image via Facebook/Jessica D.

“A week after my c-section delivery with a 7-pound, 14-ounce, 21.25 inch-long little boy!


Image via Facebook/Ashley H.

“Two and a half months postpartum. Although my mom body is drastically different than my body before pregnancy, I'm learning to love it. I love my body for the beautiful baby it created. I love that my body was his home and is now his favorite place to nap. I love that my body continues to nourish him, even though we are no longer one. Because of that, I will learn to love my body in whatever shape or size it is.”

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Image via Facebook/Amber H.

“Here is four days postpartum. I originally lost 20 pounds in a week and thought I would be one of those ‘bounce back' moms. However, he's now 7 months old, and I've put back on 10 of those pounds! I will have to work hard at getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (if I ever can), but I would never want to change my new body! I love my mom bod!”

Image via Facebook/Austin M.

“I am not a mom whose stomach bounced back. This was when my son was maybe 3 months. I still look like this a year later.”

Image via Facebook/Amber C.

“Four and a half months postpartum! Still have 15 pounds to lose, but lost 33 poundsof my pregnancy weight 11 days after delivery.

Image via Facebook/Tiffanie C.

“Two weeks after giving birth to my miracle baby!”

Image via Facebook/Sarah M.

“Four months, 1 week post delivery = a lot of loose skin, but I have lost all the weight plus 15-20 more and am still working on losing another 5-10 pounds!

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Image via Facebook/Ashley T.

“Four months after having this little man. I was actually back to my original weight within a month after having him, but he also came five weeks early, so I didn't get as big as I could have. I did gain 30 pounds, which was crazy for me because before Baby, I had never been over 105!”

Image via Facebook/Amy F.

“This is me three weeks after my c-section delivery. I'm mostly hidden by my baby boy in his sling. He was 8.8 pounds. I lost 36 pounds in the first six weeks after he was born by doing nothing but just taking care of him!”

Image via Facebook/Terre S.

“This is me four months after having my fourth baby.”

Image via Facebook/Sarah A.

“This was taken five days after my son was born via c-section.”

Image via Facebook/Letticia V.

“Eight days postpartum.”

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Image via Facebook/Becki Q.

“At eight weeks postpartum, I was 60 pounds down from pre-pregnancy weight.”

Image via Facebook/Sara M.

“Seven days after our baby girl was born!”


Image via Facebook/Tiffany B.

“Two weeks postpartum with my baby boy! He was 5 pounds, 15 ounces and 19 inches long. I am now four months postpartum and have 10 pounds left to lose.”

Image via Facebook/Danielle B.

“My stomach is so gross after three kids.”

(For the record, the author does not agree with this sentiment!)

Image via Facebook/Kristie F.

“Here I am with my (then 10-month-old) 11-month-old daughter Emily. At 11 months postpartum, I have lost a total of 12 pounds. I put on 65 pounds during my pregnancy. Over half of my pregnancy was spent on modified bed rest, with the last four weeks on strict left side-only bed rest (I had preeclampsia).

“My daughter was born by emergency c-section at 37 weeks and weighed 5 pounds, 13 ounces. She spent four nights and four days in the NICU. She is the surviving twin. I wouldn't change anything and, yes, that's spit up on my shirt (this was taken at Christmas).”

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Do you find that you love and appreciate your postpartum mom bod for all that it did for you and your baby? You should.

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What Does a Postpartum Mom Bod Really Look Like?

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