What Do Millennial Moms Want?

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Millennial parents are the new consumer generation with a population of 75 million and billions of dollars to spend. They are also a group that knows exactly what they want and won't settle for less. If you are on the hunt for the perfect gift for a Millennial Mom or her offspring, you will find some great ideas here as well.

Are you a millennial mom? If so, read on to see what your peers look for when shopping for their babies and see if it sounds like you!

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Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Millennial moms want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals and other products when possible.

For this reason, products like Baby Care by e-cloth(R) and other safe cleaning choices that get things clean with just water and other natural ingredients are popular with millennial parents. When it comes to toys, millennial moms want products like Kleynimals that are made from all non-toxic materials. When it comes to eating and drinking, water bottles like Lifefactory made from glass, covered in a protective silicone covering to protect against drops mean no worries about introducing harmful chemicals into little one's bodies – or your own. A distinctly millennial way to promote a healthy lifestyle for your baby? Protecting your baby bump from potentially harmful radiation to which we are exposed every day with Belly Armor like a protective blanket that can be draped over a bump when using a laptop to maternity clothing with built-in protection.

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Are Socially Responsible


Millennial moms care about their communities, the environment, and others.

That's why brands that give back are so popular. When you find something as cute as Lassig's kid-inspired Wildlife collection of Mini Duffle Backpacks and then find out a portion of all proceeds from the Wildlife collections supports the Momella Foundation which campaigns for animal protection projects it's a no-brainer.

For toys, companies like Bears for Humanity lead the pack by giving a teddy to a child in need, whether it's a child with a life-threatening illness, a veteran's kid, or a little one with a life-threatening illness.

Other millennials look for products that aren't made in sweatshops, like the maternity and nursing wear from Belabumbum that is responsibly sourced. For children's clothes, millennials look for brands like Rockin' Baby, which partners with ChildFind to give clothing and slings to mothers and children living in poverty worldwide.

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Want High-Quality Products

Millennials may have been given flimsy, plastic toys as children, but when it comes to their own babies they want high-quality products that will last and will teach their child a thing or two.

Toys like HABA's Rainbow Rocket are made from high-quality wood and will easily last for more than one child while teaching kids skills like building, colors, and spatial relationships. Other high-quality toys come from Melissa & Doug, including cute kid-versions of grown-up items like the Let's Play House! set including a pint-sized broom and mop and incredible Medieval Castle that will foster creative play through different stages of development.

When it comes to clothing, even kids need a few staple pieces like the Feltman Brothers Cable Cardigan that can become heirloom pieces passed down.


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Want Unique Products That Reflect Their Personality

Over are the days of everyone shopping at the handful of stores at the local mall. millennials put in their time to find clothes for their littles that show off who they are.

It doesn't get much more unique than Hi Little One with completely customizable clothes like this My Sport My Town Personalized Kid's T-shirt that allows you to enter information like your zip code, favorite sport, and favorite colors to create shirts that only your child will have. Another great option for girls who want to show their unique personalities is the jewelry from Isabelle Grace and their just-for-kids line where I got my daughter her build-your-own charm necklace complete with a charm with her initial, a pink charm showing her favorite color, and an ice cream cone charm showing her favorite food. And, yes, Moms you can customize your own jewelry as well.

Even toys can be personalized! Toys like Playskool Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo can be programmed to say a child's name and favorite foods!

Even when it comes to decor, millennial moms aren't content to just go to the mall and pick out something to hang on the wall. Instead, millennial moms decorate with their own creations by using things like a variety of Wall Art, like these options from Mpix, that range from a wrap-around canvas with a family photo or edgier options like a metal print of a favorite landscape or cityscape.

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Look for Great Reviews

For millennials, there is no need to guess about whether a product is worth the investment. Reviews on everything baby-related are easy to come by and millennial moms look for five-stars when it comes to buying things their little ones need.


Products like the Playgro Playtime Gift Pack and Aden + Anais swaddles that have five-star reviews on Amazon are not easy to come across, but are a win for millennial moms when they find them!

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Want Versatility, Good Design, and Value

Millennial moms want items that aren't good for just one thing, are designed well … oh, and they don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get it.

A great example of what millennial moms look for are items like Belabumbum‘s Strappy Romper that can be worn as a comfy maternity outfit, paired with a cardigan for a ready-for-work look, and can be used for nursing once the little one arrives.

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Are Practical

Millennials were impacted by the recession more than other generations. For that reason, millennial moms trend towards items that can do double-duty and make sense to have around. One example is the Original Learning Tower that gives even newly walking toddlers the chance to gain some independence and even help around the house. It even has the option to add an easel to save space and add an activity.

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Go Organic

Millennials want to cut down on chemicals wherever possible. Millennials read labels on the food they buy and the clothes they put on their kids. Clothes like Finn + Emma‘s Robots Heads pajamas are soft organic cotton with eco-friendly inks and dyes. Aden + Anais is another brand that has many organic options.


Don't Want to Sacrifice Style

Millennial moms love their kiddos to pieces but don't want to have to give up their grown-up style to have a kid-friendly home. The good news is, you don't have to choose. Amazing products like Lorena Canals rugs look like they may have come from the finest department store with great lines like the Azteca collection, but their secret is that they are machine washable so you don't need to live in fear of a spilled glass or milk or Cheerio crumbs.

Want Award-Winning Toys

With so many toys out there, it's hard to know which are best. That's why so many millennial moms look for toys that have been independently assessed and won awards. Some companies, like Manhattan Toy Company, seem to dominate awards season like an Oscar sweep. Check out their Mio line, including an adorable “tiny house” and trailer combination, that recently won the prestigious Parents Choice Gold Award, the ever-popular Groovy Girls that won the Tillywig Toy Award, the adorable Snuggle Baby Bunny that won the Toy Insider Award, and the Treehouse Stackup that won the The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Creative Child a 2016 Preferred Choice Award -Stacking Toys category.

Want t0 Promote Learning

Millennial moms know how important is to teach kids the skills they need to be successful starting early on. That's why toys that promote learning and books are a vital part of any offspring of a millennial mom!

Toys like the Build & Imagine Pet Portrait Studio and Career Dolls and Geosmart magnetic building sets that teach kids essential STEM skills (while busting stereotypes) are staples in the homes of children of millennials. Even babies can get in on the act with the great WEDGits that bring stacking toys to a new level.

They also look for unique ways to learn about the world. Gifts like Universal Yums that deliver foods from a different country each month are a fantastic way to educate kids about the world.



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Want Their Kids to Have a Head Start

Millennial moms know how important it is to give their kids a head start by reading to them from birth. The classics they grew up with deserve a place in the nursery library, but there so many other great books they want to discover with their children. Some of the best?

For babies, the adorable series of animals with their parents by Emma Dodd, such as Together and Love are always a hit. Books that show it's worth the hard work to learn a new skill like the adorable Lucy Cousins book Peck Peck Peck are great ways to teach kids the value of perseverance early. Millennial moms also know how that using their kids' interests as a window to teach them is a great way to promote a love of learning. Books like Ingela P. Arrhenuis's Animals will get little creature lovers excited about learning more.

Kids need to learn the basics like their ABCs, colors, numbers, and about things are around town. Millennial moms do it with flair with adorable books like ABC Alphabet from the Sky, Peanut Butter's Yummy Numbers, The Crayon's Book of Colors, CityBlock, and Tinyville Town.

Even bedtime can be done with a twist with books like A Recipe for Bedtime (ingredients include a cup full of kisses). Millennials also understand the importance of being international citizens so board books like Eric Carl's Amigos and Maryann Cusimano Love and Satomi Ichikawa's You are My Miracle/Tu Eres mi Milagro find a place in millennial babies' libraries.

Millennials also use books to teach their children values. Books like All My Treasures: A Book of Joy by Jo Witek teach children about gratitude for life experiences. Books like The Monster Next Door teach kids about making friends with those different than them. The beautiful Ada's Ideas by Fiona Robinson teaches children about a little-known woman who played a vital role in the development of the computer in a way kids get while Ada Twist, Scientist and the predecessor books Iggy Peck, Architect and Rosie Revere, Engineer all by Andrea Beaty all teach kids how much fun learning STEM skills can be.


Beyond the board book, books that promote imagination such as Arron Becker's gorgeous Return that has no words is sure to spark creativity in kids and grown-ups alike. Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis is another fun choice that uses a made-up language and beautiful pictures.

Of course, cute books like Jon Klassen's We Found a Hat and Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, Adam Rubin's Dragons Love Tacos, Drew DeWalt's The Day the Crayons Quit, and many others are just plain fun and promote a lifelong love of reading.

If millennials are looking for a book that simply conveys the joy of reading to their children, A Child of Books does the trick.

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One thing is for sure — Millennial Moms have the right idea when it comes to taking care of their families, the environment, and each other.

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What Do Millennial Moms Want?

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