What 9 Months Pregnant Looks Like

9 months
Image via Megan Klay

When I asked our Facebook audience for help with this blog post, I did not expect to receive nearly 500 photos of beautiful mamas showing off their 9-month-pregnant bellies. Thank you all SO much for sharing with me! It is amazing to see how everyone wears pregnancy so differently. I hope you enjoy viewing this small selection of images of the gorgeous expectant mom bods that were submitted as much as I do!

Image via Jessica W.

“This was a few days before I delivered; I was almost 39 weeks. My daughter weighed 12 pounds, 10 ounces at birth, hence why I was soooo big. It was my third and final pregnancy. She is almost 18 months now!” — Jessica W.

Image via Kylie Jo D.

“I didn't make it until my due date, but this is me at 37 weeks with twins that just hit 11 months old!” — Kylie Jo D.

Image via Ana S.

“39 weeks and 4 days, the day my third daughter was born. She weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces and was my biggest baby 😉 She's now 10 months old.” — Ana S.

Image via Rachel W.

“I went into labor that night — three days past due date. :)” — Rachel W.

Image via Toni P.

“40 weeks 5 days! My baby girl was 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and 22″ long, and I'm 4'11”! Induced, 30 hours of labor, three hours of pushing, and then a c-section. I had a rough pregnancy, but she is our miracle after three losses. She is now 6 weeks old and the light of our lives.” — Toni P.

Image via Brittany M.

“37 weeks with my second! The night I was induced. I didn't have her until 4 days later. It was a loooong induction, but she was 7 pounds, 2 ounces. She is now a month old today.” — Brittany M.


bathroom selfie
Image via Nicole C.

“39 and a half weeks! 3 days before I had my baby girl on her due date! :)” — Nicole C.

Image via Jessica O.

“38 weeks pregnant with my little dude. This was the day I had him. He is now 18 months.” — Jessica O.

Image via Katelin R.

“This was the day my labor was induced. My daughter came a week early, and now she's a beautiful, healthy, and happy little girl. Almost 6 months! Time flies!” — Katelin R.

Image via Brianna S.

“39 weeks with my second son. 🙂 He is now 5 months old.” — Brianna S.

Image via Hannah T.

“3 days before I had my daughter (I had her at exactly 37 weeks).” — Hannah T.

Image via Brittany H.

“39 weeks on the day of my induction.” — Brittany H.

Image via Jamie P.

“This was about two weeks before I had my daughter, but I was around the same size.” — Jamie P.

Image via Andraya P.

“This is me at 40 weeks and 1 day. My son was born eight days past his due date. A healthy 8 pounds, 4 ounces.” — Andraya P.


Image via Karla A.

“38 weeks … I had him 5 days later! He's 9 months now.” — Karla A.

Image via Jessica M.

“We moved to Germany at 20 weeks and started taking bump pics at the places we visited. This is 38 weeks along at Lichtenstein Castle. He ended up being eight days late and is one month now.” — Jessica M.

Image via Sara O.

“37 weeks with my baby boy, I was induced 2 weeks later.” — Sara O.

Image via Kristi M.

“I was 9 months with my son. 3rd baby. I went a week over due date. He was 9 pounds, 2 ounces.” — Kristi M.

Image via Tiffany S.

“This was taken three days before my son was born. I was 40 weeks, and driving was getting pretty difficult at that point.” — Tiffany S.

bumpie outdoors
Image via Chelsie H.

“Here's me at 40 weeks; he was born 5 days later.” — Chelsea H.

Image via Kala M.

Here I am yesterday, at 37 weeks and 3 days. I'm being induced a day before she turns 38 weeks. Two more days! Wish me luck! – Kala M.

Image via Athina V.

That is me today, three days past my due date. We were walking me to try and get this surrogate baby out!! – Athina V.


Image via Katie B.

39 weeks in the elevator of the hospital in the midst of labor with my son, Harvey. He is our first baby, and came 27 hours later weighing 8lbs 7.4oz and was 22 1/2 inches long. – Katie B.

Image via Rachel S.

This was the day I went into labor at 38 weeks! – Rachel S.

Image via Elizabeth F.

This is us on our babymoon (3 weeks before she decided to come!), we had a great weekend of kayaking, mini golf, and relaxing! – Elizabeth F.

Image via Jenae W.

36 weeks preggers. I didn't have time to take a picture before I delivered because I delivered my baby 18 minutes after arriving at the hospital, and I was 4 days overdue. – Jenae W.

Image via Terre S.

40 weeks. I gave birth to a 10lb baby boy 3 days later. – Terre S.

Image via Michaela B.

37 weeks. I delivered a healthy 9.1 lb boy at 41 weeks! – Michaela B.

Image via Keicia H.

37 weeks, a week before I delivered. – Keicia H.

Image via Jenna S.

Second baby boy … induced a week later, and now he is 11 weeks old! – Jenna S.


Image via Niki M.

38 weeks, and I had my baby girl one week and 2 days later! 2 days after my 22 birthday! – Niki M.

Image via Cailin A.

41+ weeks! He was only 6lbs 3oz, and now he's 10 weeks today. Love my #babyjordan – Cailin A.

Image via April T.

This was the last bumpie I took before my son was born on 9.28.15. I was 6 days overdue.- April T.

Image via Amy V.

I had the same issue, a week and a half after this photo my son came. He was born February 3rd 2015 – Amy V.

Image via Grace H.

36 weeks at the Marine Corps Ball with my handsome hubby. Baby boy could come any day now, getting so excited!! – Grace H.

Image via Leigh L.

This was at 37 weeks; I delivered a healthy set of twins one week later. I loved every minute of my pregnancy (I think). They are now 6 1/2 years old! – Leigh L.

Image via Emily H.

39 weeks and two days. The night before we went in for induction, and then he didn't come out for another two days via an emergency C-section. Tomorrow he will be exactly five months old! – Emily H.

Image via Kendall Y.

This was a week before I delivered, 41 weeks! – Kendall Y.


Image via Dianah F.

I was 37 weeks here with my youngest little girl – Dianah F.

Image via Kristen S.

37 weeks with my third baby, and she came a week and a half early – Kristen S.

Image via Jessica D.

37 weeks waddling at a wedding. – Jessica D.

Image via Kailyn B.

41 weeks and two days!! He was a stubborn little guy. – Kailyn B.

Image via Charitie B.

40 weeks. She came the night before my scheduled induction (two years ago). – Charitie B.

Image via Fam C.

40 weeks exactly with my second baby boy. He was 11 pounds when he was born a week later! He'll be two on December 14th. – Fam C.

Image via Cara B.

39+3, baby was born at 40+6 – Cara B.

Image via Samantha S.

This picture was taken 45 minutes into a hike, 2 days before my due date, and 5 MINUTES before my water broke! – Samantha S.

Image via Amber H.

This was taken the day I went into labor, about ten hours beforehand. 6/14/15. 24 hours after this picture was taken, my sweet baby boy was born. – Amber H.


Image via Chelsea S.

We took this on my due date. She came 3 days later! – Chelsea S.

Image via Carrie L.

16 days until my due date with my second child, in December of 2014. – Carrie L.

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What 9 Months Pregnant Looks Like

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  1. Jessica says:

    Went overdue and was induced (by a midwife practice). Still trying to understand those who go into healthful full-term spontaneous labor prior to their due date with their first baby. How does that happen? Do you drink a potion? Did I just not have luck? We tried sex, walking, and red raspberry leaf and cumin teas. I was pregnant with other first timers at the same time and I was the only one overdue. Two due after me went before my own due date. Jeez. It messes with you.

    • Brandy says:

      I’m not quite overdue yet, but the doc thinks I might go over. I’m 39 weeks tomorrow and haven’t shown the slightest sign of labor, all NSTs (NonStress Tests) are perfect. This is my first and two girls I know that were due before me (one was the 24th and the other was supposed to be due on the 11th. They both had theirs over the new year holiday.) I’m just hoping they got my due date wrong or something. They aren’t perfect and can be off a little. They kept going between 11 weeks and 12-14 weeks when I had my first appt/ultrasounds…therefore if I was 11 weeks, then I should be due the 25th, if not, then I could be a week or two off. Ughhhhhhh. We aren’t doing anything WRONG…they’re human, make mistakes, and we have no say in when OUR babies decide to arrive on the scene. Lol get used to it now!!!


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