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The top five names were very similar from state to state, but there are some standouts when we look across the country. To make digestion easier, we've broken the top two in each state down for you by region! Up first, the Northeast …

new england
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New England

Connecticut: 36,085 babies born in 2013 – William 207, Olivia 235

Maine: 12,776 – Benjamin 82, Emma 65

Massachusetts: 71, 788 – Benjamin 499, Emma 486

New Hampshire: 12,396 – Liam 91, Emma 93

Rhode Island: 10,809 – Mason 82, Sophia 80

Vermont: 5,975 – Mason 43, Olivia 33

new york
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New Jersey: 102,575 – Michael 604, Isabella 618

New York: 236,980 – Jacob 1,286, Sophia 1,388

Pennsylvania: 140,921 – Mason 815, Emma 899

Next, we venture to the Midwest …

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East North Central

Illinois: 156,931 – Noah 757, Olivia 881

Indiana: 83,102 – Liam 508, Sophia 445

Michigan: 69,159 – Liam 593, Emma 640

Ohio: 138,936 – Liam 783, Emma 803

Wisconsin: 66,649 – Liam 395, Emma 377

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West North Central

Kansas: 38,839 – Liam 191, Emma 217

Iowa: 39,094 – Liam 217, Emma 202


Minnesota: 69,159 – William 352, Olivia 365

Missouri: 75,296 – William 432, Emma 422

Nebraska: 26,095 – Mason 132, Emma 127

North Dakota: 10,559 – Mason 66, Emma 92

South Dakota: 12,248 – Liam 71, Emma 81

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Please join me as we head down South…

washington dc
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South Atlantic

Delaware: 10,831 – Michael 61, Ava 58

District of Columbia: – 9,286 – William 87, Charlotte 53

Georgia: 128,748 – William 767, Emma 571

Florida: 215,407 – Jayden 1,119, Isabella 1,455

Maryland: 71,953 – Liam 321, Sophia 299

North Carolina: 119,002 – William 702, Emma 645

South Carolina: 56,795 – William 340, Emma 277

West Virginia: 20,825 – Mason 150, Emma 151

Image via Flickr/Boston Public Library

East South Central

Alabama: 58,167 – William 435, Emma 327

Kentucky: 55,686 – William 310, Emma 344

Mississippi: 38,634 – William 239, Emma 167

Tennessee: 79,992 – William 549, Emma 497

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West South Central

Arkansas: 85,600 – William 193, Emma 212

Oklahoma: 53,369 – Mason 205, Emma 277

Louisiana: 63,201 – Mason 289, Ava 278

Texas: 387,340 – Jacob, 1,958, Sophia 2,381

Next up we head out to the wild, wild West …

Image via Megan Klay


Arizona: 85,600 – Noah 380, Sophia 602

Colorado: 65,007 – Liam 347, Olivia 317

Idaho: 22,383 – Liam 108, Emma 133


Montana: 12,373 – Liam 80, Emma 84

New Mexico: 26,354 – Noah 147, Sophia 143

Nevada: 35,030 – Ethan 166, Sophia 205

Utah: 50,957 – William 272, Olivia 264

Wyoming: 7,644 – Liam 33, Sophia 42

Image via Flickr/Andrew E. Larsen


Alaska: 11,446 – Liam 62, Emma 57

California: 494,705 – Jacob, 2,866, Sophia 3,442

Hawaii: 18,987 – Liam 86, Olivia 64

Oregon: 45,155 – Liam 260, Emma 252

Washington: 86,557 – Liam 463, Emma 445

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Have you seen enough of the same yet? To shake things up a bit and give us some variety, we look at the names that popped up in the top five in some states, but that we didn't see repeat more than three times across state lines …

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Alabama. Hebrew, God is merciful.

Sure, we've likely all met a John before, but was he under the age of five? This name is making a comeback, in Alabama at least.

Image via iStock


California and New Jersey. Hebrew, gift of God.

This is a pretty common name that I'm sure we'll see sticking around in the “most popular” lists for many years to come.

Mother feeding her newborn baby boy
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Delaware, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Oh, Aiden. This one has been popular for the last five years or so and doesn't seem to be dwindling out yet.

Image via iStock


Washington DC and Minnesota. English, rules the household.

Henry is a classic that's seen a recent resurgence in popularity. I like it, but I'm curious why the nickname is ‘Hank'?



Washington DC, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. English, petite, feminine.

This one is such a sweet and pretty name. I also think ‘Char' and ‘Charlie' are cute nicknames for a little girl.


Washington DC. Hebrew, origin, birth.

This feels like a pretty powerful name to me. I think you'd have to really feel the meaning to name your child this one.

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Idaho, Maine, and Utah. Hebrew, asked of God.

I've met several Sams in my day and rather like the name. It feels strong and has a nice sound to it.

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Iowa, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Greek, well born.

This is one my husband and I tossed around for our baby boy, but decided against it due to its recent rise in popularity.

Baby Daisy
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Louisiana and Mississippi. German, rules with elf-wisdom.

I love the meaning of this one! How cute!

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Massachusetts. Irish, kingly.

This is my brother's name so it's a special one for me. Plus it always makes me think of Orion's belt which brings in some neat imagery.

Image via Flickr/Prayitno


Mississippi. Greek, blooming.

The meaning of this name is just lovely, and actually seems to fit the sound of the name just perfectly.

Image via Flickr/Rodrigo Amorim


Montana and West Virginia. English, hunter.


This one is pretty darn adorable!

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Nebraska and Vermont. Anglo-Saxon, ruler of the elves.

This meaning is so fun as well! The name is gender neutral, but made it into the top five in Nebraska as a baby girl's name. It's one I had on my list until the recent surge in popularity, and I wasn't sure if I wanted my child named after a (delicious) beer.

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New Jersey. Hebrew, God will multiply.

This is another traditional name I think we'll see floating toward the top in popularity for a while to come.

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New Mexico. Hebrew, Jehovah has healed.

This is pretty darn cute, and seems like it would age well into adulthood. I also like ‘Jos' as a nickname.

Adorable baby newborn
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North Dakota. English, from East town.

This is kind of cute, but does not have a particularly special meaning.

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Oklahoma. English, God is gracious.

If you've read one of my previous baby name posts you may know that I do not enjoy “unique” spellings of names. If the uniquely spelled name is read correctly (which is hard to do in some cases), it's going to sound the same as the correct spelling of the name, which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. That said, I do think the name ‘Jackson' is really cute, but it's become pretty popular recently which has caused me to shy away from it for our boy.

Image via Flickr/mary mackinnon



West Virginia. English, from the moors.

All I can think of is the vehicle, which makes me shy away from this one for a person.

Image via Flickr/Haylee Sherwood


Wisconsin. English, giver of life.

This one apparently has a multitude of spellings; Evelyne, Evelynn, and Evelynne. I think I like the version Wisconsin chose best. It's a very pretty name and the nicknames are adorable – ‘Eve', ‘Evie', ‘Lynn'.

Image via Flickr/Charlotte



The pattern is sweet, but I'm not sure I love it as a little girl's name.

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Would you name your child one of these popular names? Is it popular in your state or another?

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Top Baby Names by State

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