Top 10 Parenting Milestones That Won’t Make the Baby Book

milestones that won't make the baby book
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When I became pregnant with my first child, one of the first things I purchased was a baby book. I couldn't wait to fill each and every page of that book in hopes to never forget all the big and even small milestones of my child's life. That baby book sits on a shelf in our office, 75% complete, which is pretty good. Sadly, my second son's baby book is 30% complete. The baby of our family didn't even have a baby book yet at 15 months. I just hope they will all forgive me when they are older and ask where their baby books are.

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There are certain milestones that will never make it in a baby book–those gross moments of parenthood when you want to hang your head in shame or find the nearest shower. I asked other moms to share their worst milestones, and there were some pretty bad ones. Here are my top 10 picks:

pregnancy craving chocolate
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Your husband nearly eating a piece of poop from the floor, mistaking it for a piece of chocolate in the fog of yet another sleepless night.

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Your child throwing up every time he poops or smells poop while potty training. Thank goodness this too shall pass.

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Waking from a deep sleep by a loud thud followed by a blood-curdling scream because your baby just fell off of your bed. At that moment, you realize you dozed off while feeding your baby with all the lights on.

Emergency Room
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Your child's first ambulance ride to the ER.

Child in hospital bed with parents by her side
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Watching and listening to your child recover from tonsil and adenoids surgery/recovery.

broken arm
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A double compound fracture, which will result in a two-hour surgery and an overnight hospital stay.

band-aid package
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Holding your child's forehead together at just 18 months after he took a nose dive off the step stool in the bathroom.

surprised baby on potty
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Potty training … both times.

diaper walking baby
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Your son handing you poop fresh from his own bottom.

laundry days
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Broken washer, two days of cloth diapers to wash, and a toddler with a horrible stomach bug.

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What parenting milestones do you wish never to relive again?

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Top 10 Parenting Milestones That Won’t Make the Baby Book

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  1. Profile photo of Kristin Kristin says:

    I think my milestone was going through baby’s first constipation. The joy you feel when baby has a BM after 2 days of nothing. Or the time my oldest daughter, now 3, ate flax seeds and the BM that followed, which filled the carseat and then some.


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