Throwbacks! 10 Things Our Kids Will Never Know About

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The other day, I was talking to my teenage daughters and mentioned Cyndi Lauper. This may show my age, but for my senior year, the homecoming theme for my high school was based on her song “Time After Time”!

“Cyndi who?” they asked. (Head hung down in shame. Dare I bring up Menudo?)

cell phone
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I get it. Time is moving on, and I realize that each generation has its “thing” that doesn't make it to the next generation. Oh, we had some good times back in the day! Do you remember what the first cell phones looked like? (They came in big boxes that took up an entire seat in your car!)

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Today, I am sharing with you a list of 10 throwback things that kids today will never get to experience! How many of these do YOU remember?

rotary phone
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Rotary phones. We found one of these in the barn the other day, and my kids were flabbergasted. “OMG, it must have taken you forever to call someone,” they said. Yeah — that, and they had those big long cords and came in cool colors like vintage green and yellow.

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Payphones. I took my kids on a trip the other day, and we couldn't find a payphone within 55 miles. I didn't realize that payphones were becoming extinct.

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Cartoons without words. I loved Road Runner as a kid. Today, the old Looney Tunes wouldn't hold a child's attention for more than 10 minutes (if that!)

black and white movie
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Black and white movies. I can remember Sunday mornings being filled with Tarzan, The Three Stooges, Shirley Temple, and other black and white two-hour movie reels. Sure, they were stupid compared to the cinema available today, but they're definitely proof that we grew up in a simpler time.

old tv
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TVs without remotes. My kids would rather spend 30 minutes looking for the remote than just getting up and changing the channel manually. The funny thing is, on most of the TVs in my home, the kids don't even know how to change the channel without a remote. LOL.

floppy disks
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Floppy disks. Floppy Disks? Square Frisbees? Give a kid a floppy disc (actually called diskettes in the “olden” days), and they will have no idea what they are holding in their hands.

In today's world, the average 4th-grade school-supply list requires that kids bring an 8GB flash drive to school to save their PowerPoints on (in lieu of posters). No way today's kids would believe that the floppy plastic squares with a hole have anything to do with technology.

news paper
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Newspapers. Today, kids have Google. If they want to read a newspaper, all they have to do is pull it up online. Kids today will never read a newspaper and get black ink stains on their hands.

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Encyclopedias. I can remember having the entire Britannica set of encyclopedias — it was a sign that my parents cared about my education. Anytime I had a book report or project, I had to go searching the encyclopedia for the information that I needed. Again, today, Google and Wikipedia (which is not a scholarly source, by the way) have taken real encyclopedias away.

shoulder pads
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Clothes with shoulder pads. Let's hope that this is one fad that — unlike the NEON — never, ever, ever comes back!

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Face-to-face conversations. This one saddens me the most. Today, kids text and Skype and Facebook more than talk face to face. Long gone are the conversations of long ago, sitting outside in tents at slumber parties and just talking.

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What are some things that YOU remember — that will probably not exist again in your children's lifetime?

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Throwbacks! 10 Things Our Kids Will Never Know About

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