Things You Will Miss About Being Pregnant

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Unless my son decides to appear on his own, I have, at most, eight days left of being pregnant for the last time ever. (Well, that's the plan, anyway!) Knowing that this special time as a woman is coming to an end for me, supposedly forever, has made me look back and think of all the things I'm going to miss.

I know, some of you are staring at the screen, trying to keep your morning sickness at bay, and thinking, “Um, lady, are you crazy?”

No, I'm absolutely serious; you will miss it. Maybe not the day after you give birth, when you're sore and just glad that those contractions have finally stopped, but looking back, you will realize there are moments you wish you could get back. And, perhaps, you might miss using it as a convenient excuse.

For me, it was nice to have an excuse to take a nap with my toddler every day at the same time and know that I could do so guilt-free! Even if hubby came home and the house looked like a tornado hit it, he knew that I needed some shut eye while trying to grow a person. Sucker! And, yes, the “eating for two” excuse was also one of my favorites. People smiled and rolled their eyes, but they still passed me the bowl for a second helping of mashed potatoes.

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The negatives and hardships might outweigh the perks for you, and if that's the case, then don't worry: it's only nine months, and then you get the prize at the end of the rainbow — a precious baby. But don't be surprised to find yourself looking back, thinking, “Wow — I really miss how great my hair was during pregnancy.”

I'm warning you!

Still don't believe you'll miss it? Read what other seasoned moms had to say!

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“As a mother of eight, the thing I am going to miss the most about being pregnant is feeling that little miracle moving and kicking. I am sure a lot of women agree with me, but to me, this is one of the most awesome feelings in the world! It starts with that tiny feeling of gas or butterflies and grows until you know exactly what body part of the baby is where in your belly!” — Danielle Wilcox

Image via Melissa Greene

“I miss the ‘pregnant waddle' — the constant reminder that every time you got up or moved you had a little life being formed inside of you.” — Melissa Greene

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Image via Sally Mora

“What I miss the most about being pregnant is the special treatment from my husband–he treated me like a queen! And, being able to embrace my gut–ha!” — Sally Mora

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“I'll miss my personal snack tray! It was always there when I needed it!” — Shannon Schettini

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“What I'm going to miss the most about being pregnant is feeling my little one move in my belly and my husband rubbing my belly and talking to it. But most of all, how beautiful, special and blessed I felt to be carrying a baby.” — Tammie Bowser

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“It's crazy, but I miss wearing cute maternity outfits. Plus, it was always a valid excuse for needing more clothes.” — Miranda Sanchez

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What do you (or will you) miss most about being pregnant? Share in the comments!

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Things You Will Miss About Being Pregnant

Rachel is a stay-at-home-mom to her 4-year-old daughter, Sydney, and her 18-month-old son, Jackson. Her writing can be found all over the web, mostly detailing her own parenting struggles and triumphs, as well as her life as the military spouse of an active-duty airman. She also writes about her life as as a special needs parent on her blog, Tales From the Plastic Crib, and spends an unnecessary amount of time on Twitter. ... More

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Being pregnant 5 times and just giving birth to my second child (9 months ago) I miss the miracle my body was nurturing and creating inside me. I miss every movement (even the uncomfortable ones) and going to the doc and hearing the heartbeat every time. Before every doc appt I prayed and prayed to continue to hear that music to my ears. Having several ultrasounds I loved seeing the changes and watching my children grow. Finally being able to have given birth to two healthy children (almost 10 years apart) I count my dreams come true and blessings and have called it quits. It makes me sad to know I will never experience that miracle again but I am so very thankful for my children and am perfectly happy toccontinue to nurture and love them and keep on growing (too fast) but none the less. I can’t imagine my life without them and am beyond thankful I never gave up because I wouldn’t have them.

  2. Jamika says:

    I will not miss a thing about pregnancy! This is my fourth and final, ladies I’m getting fixed!!! I’ve had a miscarriage and a stillborn! My second pregnancy resulted in, what now is my handsome, energetic 3 year old and now as I’m experiencing my fourth and final, I thank god that he bless me with the ability to conceive/ deliver and enjoy the joyful gifts of parenthood!

  3. holly says:

    I am a mother of three. I have been pregnant five times and every pregnancy was horrible!!! Even though, I dislike being pregnant, I absolutely miss it! I’m crazy, right?! I loved when I felt the first movement that flutter, I miss the first kick or punch, I miss the kindness I received from strangers trying to help me, and most of all, I miss the closeness I felt knowing my baby was protected and safe inside of me. Regardless of how sick or uncomfortable I ever became, I knew it was all worth it. I would have a fourth if I could, but for medical reasons my husband and I decided it is best that we embrace the three children we already have.

  4. Lacey says:

    Not even a little bit. Not at all. I am so ready to not be pregnant.

  5. Erin says:

    Nope, sorry…not going to miss a thing! I am not a fan of pregnancy in the slightest. My kids even sat on my lungs almost from conception so I spent the whole time unable to breathe. Kicking didn’t even remotely help that. I’m not one to think I need to be waited on, pregnant or not, so that’s not even a temptress. I’ll do the labor and delivery and take the kid if someone else would do the pregnancy!

  6. MrsGibbs24 says:

    I miss the kindness others (even complete strangers) showed me (getting up so I could sit down, opening doors, etc.), eating as much as I wanted with no guilt, and I really miss the little kicks and knowing that I was never alone because he was always there with me, a part of me.

  7. ardeisha says:

    I miss everything about it to tell you the truth if i had my choice i would still be pregnant now i didn’t have to worry about getting up in tje middle of the night when i ate she ate everything was great. I miss her little body moving around in my tummy and getting spoiled by everybody and eating up my plate and everybody else’s. .lol

  8. i dont think ill miss any of it, this whole pregnancy has been bleeding, complications, diabetes, horrid emotional roller coasters, back acne, morning sickness 24/7 and pre eclampsia, im ready for it to be over lol yea the kicks are cute but my son kicks hard so its not so fun now that im 35 weeks.

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