They Said What?! The Most Ridiculous Things Said to Pregnant Women

ridiculous things said to pregnant women
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It appears that when you're pregnant you are fair game for all kinds of comments from family, friends, and, yes, even strangers. I have had my fair share with three pregnancies, and with my current twin one, I have had complete strangers ask me if my twins were “naturally conceived.” Yes, I would really like to go into intimate details of how I conceived my children (although I understand that many women undergoing IVF treatment have no issues discussing that at all). Funnily, when I was hugely pregnant with my first (he was a big baby), people would ask me if I was expecting twins since I was “so large” and say that maybe I needed more exercise.

Mostly, comments are kind (“Congratulations, you must be thrilled!”) and helpful, but the ridiculous/rude/outrageous/crazy comments are the ones to stick to our minds. I asked a bunch of mothers on my Facebook page which comments had them raise their eyebrows. Some are funny. Others are just rude and uncalled for, and I commend these women for their gracious reactions.

“My boss kept saying, ‘Here comes Laura and the triplets' when I was pregnant with my second child.” — Laura

“I remember sharing the name I'd picked for my daughter, and my neighbor said, ‘Margaret? Well, that's got to be a family name.' ” — Anna

“A drunk classmate at my 20-year high school reunion said, ‘Aren't you a little old to have kids? Aren't you worried?' My eyes shot daggers of death.” — Kristin

“I was wearing a purple outfit, and a co-worker asked me if I'd skinned Barney.” — Poppy

“I had a complete stranger in the mall tell me I was so wrong not to find out the gender of my baby–that people will want to know so they can buy me things and that I was being rude since I wasn't finding out!!” — Elaine

“But you're so skinny! Haven't you considered it might be unhealthy since the baby might be malnourished?” –Arnebya

“When I would tell strangers I was having twins, I got asked a lot if I was sure I was having twins because I was too skinny/too small to be carrying two. Was I sure I was really that far along? Were the babies healthy? Did the doctor really confirm that there were two?” — Natalie


“When I was throwing up in the bathrooms at work (and everyone here knew us and how we had gotten pregnant. More to the point, they knew how much we'd gone through to be pregnant through IVF), and a woman I know peripherally waited until I was done. When I came out of the stall, she chuckled and asked ‘Well, is it worth it?' Um, YES! (I'll throw up for 35 weeks–and I did)!” –Kir

“My lovely mother-in-law (God bless her) would not stop telling me that my nose was getting wider and ‘more squat.' In addition, she kept buying me cocoa butter and telling me, ‘Look at how your thighs are spreading already. Trust me, you're going to need this. See, I can see stretch marks already!' ” — Kiran

“The family for whom I nannied had a cleaning lady, who randomly told me that I must've been pregnant with a girl because girls steal all of your beauty. (Gee, THANKS!)” — Keely

“When I was pregnant with the twins, one of my coworkers made a comment about how big I was going to get. ‘I mean, like, bigger than regular pregnant. You're going to get BIG.' ” — Leigh Ann

” ‘You look better now. For a while there, you were looking fat.' This was intended to be a compliment.” –– Carmen

“My neighbor friend once saw me waddling to the mailbox. I heard him calling out ‘beep, beep, beep' like the sound of big trucks when they're backing up. Nice.” –Christa

“My dad oinked at me when I went for a second piece of pie. And my best friend said, ‘Are we happy about this?' ” –Julia

“My mother-in-law told me she knew I was having a girl because my behind got so huge. She said, ‘No offense, though.' So I guess all should be forgotten–it was only 22 years ago, now.” — Jennifer

” ‘You know you have options, right?' after finding out I was pregnant with my second child, a mere eight months after the birth of the eldest.” — Tinne


“When I was six-months pregnant with my seventh child, someone said, ‘You do know what causes that, right?' I sort of laughed, gave my usual (yes, usual) reply of, ‘Yes, and I think we are pretty good at it.' Then they said, ‘I was just wondering because it sort of looks like you don't.' Nice. I also got, ‘Do you guys NOT have a TV or something?' I'm not even joking. I was five-months pregnant for that comment, and we were on a cruise with our four kids.” –Stacey

“‘You don't even look pregnant.' At eight months. So, I just seem extra chubby in the tummy area, or what? Conversely, I also got ‘Are you sure there's just one?' when I barely had a bump. Go figure.” — Valerie

“I had some lady tell me about her sister's horrible pregnancy and almost losing her son during the labor. I asked her why she felt the need to tell me this? She looked at me like I was the rude one.” –Karen

” ‘You were huge. It was ridiculous. First, there was your belly, then nothing for a long time, and then there was the rest of you.' I had to laugh when my friend said that because it was all true. I'm petite, and my belly was indeed ridiculously huge. The award for the second-best thing anyone has ever said about my pregnancy goes to myself for this memorable Facebook status: ‘If people want to know the meaning of the word ridiculous, they won't need a dictionary. They just have to look at my belly.' ” –Olga

“You look much farther along than five months.” –Roxanne

“Because I was in my 40s, I had more than one comment of ‘Was this on purpose?' “Alexandra

“I was 12-months pregnant (I might as well have been, I was so huge), and this rather attractive surfer dude was standing behind me in line at a convenience store. He said, ‘Mmm, mmm, mmm, pregnant women sure do make me hot! You are one sexy mama!' I was appalled, yet slightly flattered. I was in a good mood the rest of the day.” –– Bridget


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What was the most ridiculous thing someone ever said to you when you were pregnant?

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They Said What?! The Most Ridiculous Things Said to Pregnant Women

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