The Unexpected Joy of Having a Really Big Baby

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Three weeks before my son was born the doctor measured my belly and proclaimed that he would probably be between seven and eight and a half pounds. On the day he came, the afternoon of his due date actually, he weighted a whopping 9lbs. 9oz. He came out grunting, trying hard to heave his heavy chest with each breath and looking, in all accord, like a hefty two month old. The hospital hat wouldn't fit on his head, the nurses called him a “two-hander” and I left the hospital hobbling the way you only do after delivering a very big baby.

Though labor and delivery were tough, my big baby quickly stole my heart and it became easy to identify all the reasons having a chunkier than average baby is pretty incredible. So mamas, if you've recently heard from your doctor that you might be having a large baby, or you're holding one in your arms – check out the five reasons below that big baby is absolutely wonderful!

The rolls

Oh the rolls! There are arm rolls and thigh rolls of course, but, when you have a really big baby there are also ankle rolls and wrist rolls and even eyebrow rolls. The fat rolls that cover your little one will be oh so kissable and make snuggle time that much sweeter!

The potential to sleep through the night sooner

Newborn babies aren't supposed to sleep through the night. Their tiny tummies need to be filled and refilled constantly and, the smaller the tummy, the faster it empties. When your big baby is born the size of an average six week old, you might just be six weeks ahead in terms of how soon you'll be getting more sleep.

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The newborn pictures are ridiculous

Prior to my son's birth, I bought a tiny pair of overalls I planned to dress him in for his newborn pictures. Needless to say, those newborn size overalls never fit my boy but the ridiculous, rolly pictures from his newborn session are far better than I ever imagined. Two years later I still get a laugh over looking at my little chunk's newborn shots.

Everyone is very, very impressed with you

When you have a baby all your friends and family will likely send their happy congratulations your way. When you have a big baby, all those congratulations will be laced with words like “wow” and “impressive.” All the other moms in your new parent group will throw respect your way and even your OB will give you a solid pat on the back. The pain of birth will eventually fade, but the (well earned) pride you feel for delivering that baby will stick around for years to come.

Bigger babies often turn out smarter than their skinny counterparts

It's true! Studies have shown that the bigger the baby, the smarter they may end up being!

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How big was your baby?

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The Unexpected Joy of Having a Really Big Baby

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    My littlest was born 9lbs 9oz too! She’s 12 wks now and over 15lbs


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