The Perfect Baby Name for Each Letter of the Alphabet

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Sometimes, finding the perfect baby name is as easy as A, B, C … but just in case it isn't, we've also found some options for D through Z for you to consider.


Adalee – Latin, Adorned

Amos – Hebrew, Troubled

Berit – Celtic, Splendid

Bergen – German, Mountain dweller


CaveryIndian, Name of a river

Cullan – Irish, Good looking lad

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Disa – Norwegian, Active spirit

Dawson – Hebrew, Beloved one

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Edeline – German, Gracious

Elias – Spanish, Jehovah is God

Fallon- Irish, Grandchild of the ruler, in charge

Fergus – Celtic, Strong, manly

Gemma – Latin, Jewel

Garret – Welsh, Gentle, enclosure, watchful

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Hazel – English, From the hazelnut tree, commander

Heath – English, Untended land where flowering shrubs grow

Idelle – Celtic, Bountiful

Ira – Hebrew, Descendent

Jillian – English, Girl

Jasper – French, Jaspserstone


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Kaia – Greek, Earth

Keagan – Gaelic, Little fierce one

Lark – Austrailian Aboriginal, A cloud

Landry – English, Property owner

Morrin – Irish, Long haired

Miles – German, Merciful

Nella – English, Shining light

Nixon – Greek, People's victory

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Odin – Anglo-Saxon, Wealthy defender

Ophelia – Greek, Useful, wise

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Patia – Latin, Noble one

Pearce – French, Rock

Quinevere – Arthurian Legend, Arthur's queen

Qorbin – Greek, A gift devoted to God


Rowen – English – From the Rowan tree

Reaves – English, Son of Reeve


Sabel – Spanish, Devoted to God

Soren – Norse, Thunder

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Taryn – Celtic, From the rocky hills, watchtower

Thatcher – English, Roofer

Umina – Australian Aboriginal, Sleep

Uri – Hebrew, God is my light

Vika – Scottish, From the creek

Vance – English, Dweller at the woodmill

Wila – Australian Aboriginal, Woman, Wife

Walker – English, Cloth maker

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Xenia – Greek, Hospitable

Xander – Greek, Protector of mankind


Yates – English, Gatekeeper

Yumi – Japanese, Beautiful

Zane – Hebrew, God's gift

Zinia – English, Flower name

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The Perfect Baby Name for Each Letter of the Alphabet

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