9 Surprising Benefits of Pregnancy

benefits of pregnancy
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Pregnancy thing can be rough — swollen feet, morning sickness, achy back …

But there are some perks to help make things seem a little easier.

ice cream
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Ice Cream

Are you craving ice cream? Some ice cream parlors offer discounts to pregnant women, including some Cold Stone Creamery locations. It's up to particular franchise owners to decide as to whether or not to offer the discount, so it can't hurt to ask the next time a craving strikes.

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Better Parking

Has your walk become more of a waddle? Circle the lot to see if there is parking for expectant and new moms. Several shopping centers, malls, and supermarkets offer this thoughtful amenity, but many pregnant women don't think to look for it while out shopping.

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Locate these coveted spots and make a note of them for when you need to run a few errands with your newborn between feeding sessions.

night out
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Free Drinks


Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you don't enjoy a night out with your significant other or friends. Many bars and restaurants offer free soft drinks to designated drivers, and as a pregnant woman, you are the one staying sober no matter how wild the night gets.

Ask if your nightlife location of choice offers this benefit and start knocking back those Shirley Temples or seltzers with lime, on the house.

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Baby Registry Bonus

You are probably considering a baby registry, but you may not know that some stores offer you perks for registering with them. For example, Target will give you $60 worth of coupons and samples, and Giggle starts you off with $25 in reward dollars when you start your registry there.

For my registry, I found a baby store with great options, offering a $50 gift card for registering there. If you haven't opened a registry yet, it pays to look around at what different stores in your area are offering as an incentive. Even Amazon offers a Welcome Box with free goodies!

sleeping mom
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Sleep More

Before you were pregnant, you probably felt like sleeping in from time to time. Once that little line appears on the pregnancy test, you have free reign to sleep as much as you would like, so go ahead — take every opportunity you get to catch some extra ZZZs or just lounge in bed reading baby books.

feet up
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Feet Up

When you're pregnant, you basically get a free pass to skip any activity that requires physical effort whether it's a long walk, carrying something, or standing too long. Don't feel like washing dishes? The walk to the drugstore doesn't sound appealing? Blame your lack of motivation on pregnancy aches and pains, and no one will ask any questions.


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Eating for Two

As long as you are able to keep food down, you get priority to choose what to eat. Even if you're not really craving burgers, go ahead and blame it on the baby and enjoy your meal.

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Shopping Spree

Pregnancy is a great time to shop without guilt! You will need new clothes, new shoes, new furniture for the baby's room, new gear, and on it goes. While you may usually feel a little guilty for going on shopping sprees, this is one time in your life that you don't have to!

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Get Pampered

It's perfectly ok to be self-centered when you're pregnant, no one questions a pregnant woman's entitlement to a little self-care. So, go ahead and indulge in that buttercream for your belly, a prenatal massage, dessert, or even a maternity photo session to help you remember how beautiful you were while growing your little one.

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What are your favorite benefits of pregnancy? Share in the comments below!

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9 Surprising Benefits of Pregnancy

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  1. Nicole says:

    Nobody holds my never-ending emotional hormones against me when I’m pregnant.

  2. Karen says:

    My favorite was being able to use any bathroom. All of a sudden all stores had a bathroom I could use lol

  3. My favorite benefit of being pregnant is getting away with my tantrums! =) my husband does a great job spoiling me in everything!


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