Surprise, I’m Pregnant! Pregnancy after Medical Issues

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When those two blue lines popped up on your pregnancy test, were you surprised or did you already have an idea you were pregnant? For many women, pregnancy comes as a surprise, even if they've been trying to conceive. But for other women who have undergone surgeries or infertility, pregnancy can come as a very happy shock. Here are four mamas who were pleasantly surprised to find out about their pregnancies after going through medical issues.

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“I was 39 years old and having trouble getting pregnant. I was told by a reproductive doctor that I had five fibroids (one the size of a softball) within my uterine wall that needed to be removed in order to improve my odds of getting pregnant. I got the surgery in August 2012, but it ended up being a more complicated surgery since the doctor had to go pretty deep in the uterine wall to remove my fibroids.

“I was told to wait three months before trying to get pregnant and to follow-up in December with my reproductive doctor. At that time, I had just turned 40 years old, and the doctor explained that with my moderate surgery and my age, my odds of getting pregnant naturally were less than 2%. I got pregnant in January 2013 with no intervention and have a beautiful 10-month-old girl.”

— Mimi Zelaya-Emineth

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“My husband and I married in September 2006, and shortly after, we moved to Florida. We had been trying the ‘don't prevent it, don't really try for it' method for having kids. In 2008, I started having very heavy periods. I was passing very large clots. I went to an OB, and she said that my uterine wall was very thick. She said it was an unfriendly environment. I had a D&C in April of 2008 to thin the lining, and she put me on birth control to regulate my bleeding. She informed us after the procedure that my body would never be able to conceive children. More exactly, she stated ‘You could have sex every day for seven years straight and you will not conceive.'

“So after a couple months of birth control, something was nagging at me to go off of the birth control. That November, I made the decision to do so. In December, right after Christmas, I started having cramping. Since I hadn't had a period since October, I figured my body was acting up again, and I ordered my birth control. My sister-in-law pushed me to take a pregnancy test for safety's sake, which I did just to satisfy her. After all, I was told I would never get pregnant. I took the test and imagine my surprise!! I think I almost passed out. I still can't put into words the way I felt. There are just no words!!

“Fast forward to 20 weeks: I was seeing a different OBGYN. During the anatomy scan, a tumor was found on my left ovary. At 22 weeks, I had major surgery to remove the ovary and fallopian tube. From what I understand, the tumor was composed of thyroid tissue. Because of my daughter's gestational age, there was no promise of her being monitored and saved if something would've gone wrong. The first thing I did when coming out of anesthesia was ask if she survived. She did!


“During that pregnancy, I developed GDM, Preeclampsia, and a hernia from the site they operated at. In August of 2009, Abigail was born through c-section. She was three weeks early and developed IUGR. She is my source of strength when I'm having a bad day. If she can go through all of that, then I have no reason to complain when things aren't going my way.

“After the hernia repair and a couple failed attempts at Clomid, it took us another three years to conceive our second daughter. Emma's pregnancy was great. She was born by c-section in October of 2012. She's is the happiest child I have ever come across.”

— Amy Bickford

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“After five miscarriages, when I found out I was pregnant, it was more a negative experience than I would've hoped for. But I was about three weeks along and caught it early enough that we could watch all my actions and monitor me closely. I was in Iowa at the time, and my husband was in Florida, so he couldn't come with me to my ultrasound appointment. My mother went with me.

“While waiting for the ultrasound, my mother told me she had NEVER seen an ultrasound before, and my heart tore. I was for sure we would get bad news and that would be her memory. We did our ultrasound, and there it was–the sound I had waited so long to hear–a little heart beating 155 bpm. My mom started to cry, I started to cry, and my husband (on the phone) started to cry. We now have a PERFECT 5-month-old baby boy.”

— Shannon Sproston

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“I found out at the office for my first two [after] using fertility drugs, when I had to do a pee test before getting new prescription. My next child, I went bike riding and got very sick and figured it out–at 3 months along. I never put clothes not fitting together with not feeling well. For the fourth child I found out at home–a honeymoon baby. I didn't need fertility drugs, and I was 43 at delivery. With, child number 5 ( who just turned 5), I realized without a test the day my period was to start. I delivered him at 45. He's the anniversary baby. We don't celebrate anything at this house!”

— Laura Flemming

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Did you have a surprise pregnancy after facing medical issues or being told you couldn't conceive?

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Surprise, I’m Pregnant! Pregnancy after Medical Issues

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