Super Awesome Super Hero Room Decor DIY

Super hero room DIY
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

The Dudes are obsessed with super heroes.

I know, totally cliche: little boys who like super heroes, big surprise.

But, whatever, they are fans of all things Marvel (and, to be fair, many things DC too) at the moment.

I think it's awesome because it's still such a boyish thing to love. And I fully support anything that keeps them young and childlike.

Plus I love coming downstairs to one (or all) of them clad in a super get up of some sort. It reminds me that, even though they are all about to be bigger than me, they are still my little Dudes on the inside. At least for right now.

Anyway, their love of all things super (and an impromptu shopping trip) was the impetus behind my recent super hero room makeover and the creation of the super hero fabric covered dresser (sort of pictured above).

After exhausting myself on that little project I went ahead and just jammed all of my making-things-awesome scraps and materials into a box, shoved it towards the back of my garage, and went back to my largely DIY free life.

Until I stumbled across it again last night as I searched desperately for this stupid football that they were dying to find.

The football remains MIA but I discovered that discarded craft bag and a stack of wood that was a left over chunk of another failed project. The brain wheels got to turning and, after stepping on yet another one of their costumes discarded in the middle of my living room, voila, another handmade tidbit of super awesome was born.

Technically it's a coat rack, but in our house it is basically as close as they'll ever get to a phonebooth.

You know, like Superman?

Sigh, never mind.

Hang what you want on it, 8 easy steps and you can have one of your own.

Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #1: Measure your space.

Personally, I'm a boss at eyeballing and guesstimating. You may want to use a ruler though to prevent waste and loss of time when you have to go back and re-cut your wood over and over and over again. 

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Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #2: Pick your wood and your hooks.

Choose wood that will be sturdy enough to hold the hooks and whatever items you plan to hang from them without being gaudy. Even dudes in tights and capes don't appreciate gaudiness. (Featured wood is 1 inch thick pre-cut pine from the hardware store).


As for hooks, I think it would be fun to use some interesting drawer pulls. You can get them at the hardware store or the thrift shop. You can probably even steal them from your grandma's house. I used these because they were cast offs from yet another failed craft project and they hold hoodies and costumes quite well.

marvel fabric
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #3: Choose your fabric.

You don't have to be super if you don't want to. This can be for princesses, or fairies, or duck hunters, or whoever has coats and costumes and hats and what-nots in need of hanging. 

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I recommend that you stick to a cotton fabric that isn't sheer or upholstery thick. You want it to be easy to manipulate, thick enough to cover the wood, but not too thick to adhere with Mod Podge.

mod podge
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #4: Get some adhesive.

I use Mod Podge for so many things, including attaching fabric to wooden surfaces. I used a wood specific Mod Podge for the dresser, but I ran out of it. When it came time to make the hanger, all I had on hand was the glittery one. Whatever, a little sparkle never hurt anybody.

mod podge tutorial
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #5: Get your glue on.

Probably you've used Mod Podge before. If so, do your thang. If not, it's pretty simple. First, note that you will need a bunch of it to make this work. 

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When it comes to attaching the fabric, no need to be wasteful, just cut a big enough piece so it barely wraps around all of the sides of your wood. There's no need to cover the back; it will be stuck to the wall anyway. 

Lay your pre-cut fabric on the front of your piece of wood. Using a paint brush, paint a thick layer of Mod Podge onto the front.

Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #6: Let it dry.

A couple of hours should do it. I like to sleep on it just in case.

diy clothing hanger
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step# 7: Attach your hooks.

Fun drawer pulls that you steal from your grandma's house would add some interest, but if you're not of the pilfering sort, you can buy them. Check the local thrift shops and antique stores or you can order them online.


Also, don't steal from your grandmother; it's just plain wrong. 

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super hero room
Image via Amanda Rodriguez

Step #8: Hang it up.

How you do that is entirely up to you. You can add hardware onto the back (like for hanging heavy pictures), you can go the 3M sticky-removable-hangy-thingys route, or you can do what I did: put the anchors into the wall and screwed that bad boy right on. Whichever hanging method you choose, be sure you take note of the weight limits on the hardware. Super hero costumage can be quite heavy!

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Are you a DIY-er? What was your last project for the kids? Share in the comments!

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Super Awesome Super Hero Room Decor DIY

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