Sun Protection for Baby

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It's funny what extra daylight, warm breezes, and all that vitamin D can do for your mood. The summer is here, finally, and with the warmer weather and longer days, the kids and I are spending a lot more time outdoors. It's perfect because the running around wears them out so they sleep better at night, I get to enjoy work and do homeschool out in the sunlight, and Silver is finally able to spend more time out of the house.

While it's fun to spend all the time outdoors, it's so important to make sure you and your kids are covered when it comes to the sun. I am so nervous about that first sunburn, but so far (fingers crossed), not one of my children have experienced what a sunburn feels like and have avoided the damage they can do to your skin. I am pretty strict when it comes to sun protection for myself and my kids, and for babies, who have fresh, new skin–sun protection should be something you really consider before going out.

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If you're on the hunt for some ways to protect your baby from the sun, there are, thankfully, a lot of products on the market that promote safety and don't keep your kids from having fun.

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Sunscreen is probably one of the most known sun protections, and when it comes to kids, ease of use and UV protection (both UVA and UVB) should be key. Make sure you follow the directions for applying and reapplying!

1. Banana Boat Baby Tear Free SPF 60 Sunscreen Spray, Amazon, $21.99

2. MD Moms Baby Silk Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen, Kmart, $25.99

3. Badger Sunscreen Cream unscented SPF 30, Badger Balm, $15.99

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SPF clothing

Let's say you don't want to rely only on sunscreen to help keep your baby's skin from burning, or maybe you're not too fond of the sunscreen choices–there is another option: SPF clothing. Just like the SPF in sunscreen, the SPF clothing keeps the harmful UV rays away from the skin, and with that protection built right into the fabric, you have less worry when it comes to correct usage and reapplying.

1. Baby Boy Sun & Swim Suit, UVSkinz, $38.95


2. Baby Girl Rash Guard Swim Diaper Set, Solartex, $31.90

3. Sun Smarties Surf Socks, One Step Ahead, $9.95

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Hats are very important for sun safety for a few reasons: Keeping the sun off your baby's scalp and reducing their chances of overheating and getting dehydrated. Babies look extra adorable in hats, so there's no reason to not have one on their head anyway.

1. Baby Boy Reversible Sun Hat, UVSkinz, $16.95

2. Eyelet Bonnets for Baby, Old Navy, $9.94

3. Circo Infant Toddler Boys' Fedora, Target, $7.00

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Sunglasses are an important sun protection for babies, not only for comfort, but for keeping their eyes from getting burned. Babies aren't always the best at keeping the sunglasses on their heads, but finding a good UV protection pair that stays on your baby's head is not impossible.

1. Adventure BanZ, BanZ, $17

2. Looping 1 + Cord, Julbo USA, $35

3. Polarized Babiators, Babiators, $40

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Sun Umbrellas

If you have a young baby who is not yet on the move, or you're just looking for a relaxing afternoon, sun tents and umbrellas are a great way to provide some shade and sun protection for your baby without needing special clothing or lots of sunscreen. They're great for park dates, the beach, and picnics!

1. Babymoov – UV Protection Baby Tent, Toys”R”Us, $59.99


2. Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Tent, Amazon, $24.20

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What are your sun safety tips?

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Sun Protection for Baby

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