These 6 Summer Date Nights Will Make You Swoon

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Summer days are meant to be spent with the ones we love, and so are summer nights. Cocktails on the porch, hikes at dusk, sushi on patios–these are the things my husband's and my summer date nights are made of. Our stolen moments are just as important to us as our well-planed ones are, simply because we're together for them.

April Masini of the critically acclaimed Ask April advice column explains why these dates are so important. She says, simply, “Show your partner how much you care and how committed you are to the relationship and the romance by making time to be together.”

That's really all there is to dating your partner any time of the year. And yet, there's something about summer nights that create the perfect backdrop for swoon-worthy dates. Six women share their favorite summer date nights. Each and every one is as swoon worthy as you'd expect.

Image via Cindy Reed

Cindy Reed is a writer, speaker, and two-time recipient of BlogHer's Voices of the Year award. She blogs at The Reedster Speaks.

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, Reed says, “We've been pinching pennies this summer as I launch a freelance-writing business, but luckily, my husband, Matt, and I aren't really fancy candle-lit dinner kind of people anyway. Plus, we live in Asheville, NC, where the sunsets are free, the waterfalls are plentiful, and the Blue Ridge Parkway is 15 minutes from our house. Date night is as simple as a drive into the mountains, a few peaceful scenic overlooks, and ice cream on the way home.”

Image via Norine Dworkin-McDaniel

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel is co-creator and chief of scientific snarkiness for Science of Parenthood.

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, Dworkin-McDaniel says, “I asked our nanny to do me a solid and work late one Friday night (for extra cash and her choice of pizza for dinner) because my husband, Stewart, and I hadn't been out without our son in ages. I put on my dancing shoes and met Stewart at the Blue Martini where an 80s cover band was playing. It was fab-u-lous! We ate tapas, had some cocktails, and danced to all our favorite songs from college, where we'd met back in 1985. For a few precious hours, we checked ‘parenthood' at the door and were just two people in love out on a date. I didn't call the nanny once! As the hour got later, the music shifted toward more hip-hop and rap, and younger singles filled the floor. We took that as our cue to go home to relieve the babysitter. But, in the immortal words of The Four Seasons, ‘Oh, what a night!' “

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Maureen Wallace is a mom to three kids under the age of four, including a son with Down syndrome. She writes about and advocates for individuals with different abilities as a freelance writer and on her personal blog, Operation Have It All.

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, Wallace says, “My husband really has the ability to make anything fun; I'm usually too busy chasing a child to appreciate it. So when my parents offered to watch our kids while we were visiting on Cape Cod, we possibly ran out the door. We may have had the perfect summer date day and night: we drove up to Provincetown at the very tip of Massachusetts. It was drizzly and humid, and we just wandered from gallery to gallery, enjoying the town's distinct flair. Most notably? We held hands, not strollers. On the ride home, we spotted a drive-in theater and arrived in time to watch that summer's Batman blockbuster. There's something about humid summer night air that relaxes my soul. For that swath of time, that day and night, we were two people–not just two parents.”

Image via Angela McKeown

Angela McKeown writes the popular blog Momopolize because, as she says, “Don't ask me about my kids or I will Momopolize the conversation!”

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, McKeown says, “When my husband and I were penny-pinching newlyweds, we'd go out every Monday to a local restaurant for half-price appetizers. Our favorite date night is still a dinner of appetizers! Just can't beat some ‘tato skins or calamari! He has no idea how lucky he is. I'm such a cheap date!”

Image via Katrina Anne Willis

Katrina Anne Willis is a wife of one, mom of four, an author, a reader, and a red-wine drinker who blogs about love, life, friendship, and parenting at Table for Six.

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, Willis says, “Chris and I are summer concert junkies– from the symphony to Dave Matthews to James Taylor to OAR and everything in between. If the venue allows, we pack a picnic with a perfect block of cheese, some fresh fruit, and a bottle of wine. And if there's not a good concert in town, we'll find a restaurant featuring outdoor seating and a local musician. After 27 years together, there's still no one I'd rather be with when the music begins.”

Image via Nicole Leigh Shaw

Nicole Leigh Shaw is a mother, writer, and author.

About her swoon-worthy summer date night, Shaw says, “Here we are on the way to a wedding, and I was 5 months pregnant with my fourth (and final, so far) kid. We joked that though this was technically a date night, we were still with a kid, even if he happened to be in utero. These days we are rarely without our kids, so a date night might consist of sitting in the backyard by the fire pit, sipping wine and holding hands while the kids are asleep back in the house. And that pleases us just fine, thanks. Because you need to make time for each other in any way possible.”

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What's your favorite swoon-worthy summer date night?

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These 6 Summer Date Nights Will Make You Swoon

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