5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids of All Ages

fun summer activities
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Are you a mom of multiple children who is constantly looking for activities that include everyone? As a mom of a 5-, 3-, and 1-year-old this summer, I'm on a mission to find inexpensive adventures, crafts, and activities that all of my children can participate in together. Since we live in the DC metro area, the summer heat can be brutal. It takes a bit of thinking outside the box to find ways to keep cool and not go stir crazy at home. Here is a list of activities you will find us experiencing in the next few months.

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Splash Pad

Splash pads are a much safer alternative than going to a public swimming pool when you have children of varying age ranges. My favorite types are free and are even better when they're fenced in! Sadly, our town does not have a splash pad, but it's well worth the 45 minute drive to get to one in the area. Even my 1-year-old has a blast crawling through the various spray features and splashing in the puddles. Just be sure to pack water shoes for everyone to avoid hot concrete and unnecessary nastiness that can be picked up from community swimming areas.

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I haven't met a child that doesn't enjoy bubbles. Even if your child is too young to blow the bubbles by himself, have his older siblings blow the bubbles and encourage the younger child to pop them. Bubbles are super easy and fun to make by following this simple bubble recipe.

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Body Art with Finger Paint

Lay down large sheets of paper outside and set up non-toxic finger paint for your children to paint the on the paper, themselves, or even the grass. When they are finished, let them run through the sprinkler or get washed up in a small kiddie pool.


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Make Lemonade from Scratch

Purchase a simple, hand citrus juicer and watch your kids' excitement as they make their very own lemonade. Be sure to mix the simple syrup (recipe) well beforehand, since it takes time to cool before mixing with the lemon juice.

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Visit Your Local Farmers Market

Roll your kids around in a wagon at the farmers market and introduce them to new fruits and vegetables. Many of the farmers at markets love seeing kids there and often give out free samples. Teach your older children about money and work on their math skills by giving them a budget. Have them shop for items based on their funds.

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What are your favorite summer kid activities that entertain all of your children at the same time?

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5 Fun Summer Activities for Kids of All Ages

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