Stuck Inside? Check Out These 30 Fun Indoor Activities

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All parents know to be true that kids are happiest playing outdoors. Unfortunately for them, and us, there are many days every year the weather just doesn't cooperate. Even though it's nearly summer, the rain and the heat can conspire against us to keep kids indoors. You may be up for splashing in the puddles or bringing out a sprinkler, but for the days you would rather stay dry check out these ideas from Lorena Canals Washable Rugs to help you and your kids have fun indoors with things you probably already have lying around.

indoor camping
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Indoor Camping
Schedule an indoor “camp out” with sleeping bags, a tent, board games, and s'mores. Camping inside is a fun and simple way to unplug, reconnect with your family, and have a great time. Plus, you'll have indoor plumbing!
yoga, stretching
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Yoga for Kids
Help your kids get a good stretch by striking some yoga poses. It promotes body awareness, balance, posture, and concentration. Yoga is a great rainy day activity because you don't need anything other than a bit of space. Check out these yoga poses for kids.
little girl tea party
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Tea Parties
Get all dressed up and host your own fancy tea party (be sure to invite the dolls and stuffed animals).

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Shaving Cream Sculptures
Squirt some shaving cream in the sink and just let kids have fun. Add food coloring if you like. You might want to put them in an old shirt since this activity will get messy!
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Bubble Wrap Fun
Kids, and most adults, love anything that involves bubble wrap! Roll out the bubble wrap carpet and let your kids walk the “runway.” Make a hopscotch grid with squares of bubble wrap or tape bubble wrap to the floor in a line and let kids use toy cars down their new road. Stash away any bubble wrap you get in packages and bring it out on a day you are stuck inside.
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Balloon Tennis
All you need is a balloon, two paper plates, and two craft sticks. The match can now begin! No craft sticks? Simply keep the balloon in the air as long as you can with a paper plate or even your hands.
toddler costume
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Photo Booth Fun
Tap into your kids' dress up trunk or bring out their old Halloween costumes for some photo fun. Have your kids strike a pose during your own custom photo shoot. Want to be in the photos? Use a book or bag of rice to prop up your phone or turn the tables and have the kids take pictures of you.

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Play Jenga, or use whatever you have to try a Jenga-type game. For example, you can build a fun Jenga-style tower with sponge pieces.
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Freeze Dance
All you need is music, and the only guideline is to freeze when the music is paused. Encourage kids to “freeze” in fun poses or with funny faces. Use a variety of musical styles and tempos.
baby boy playing
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Make an Indoor Sandbox
Get a large container and fill it with shaped pasta, dried beans, or uncooked rice. Spread a washable rug underneath to catch any mess.
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Messy Activities
Regardless of the activity, kids playing inside can lead to a bit of a mess from arts and crafts or spilled snacks and drinks. I love doing these activities risk-free on our washable Lorena Canals rugs that are cute and durable. Let the kids have fun and throw the rug in the washer when playtime is over.

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More Indoor Camping

Just because the weather outside isn't very nice doesn't mean it's not the perfect time for a camping expedition. Keep a cute tent like the Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy tent with an outdoor feel on-hand so you can experience the magic of the “outdoors” in your own living room. For some added fun, bring in some pillows, a sleeping bag, some books, a flashlight, or even a mess-free art activity like a Press-and-Peel Stained Glass activity set or an Adventure Design Activity Set that allows kids to mix-and-match plates to create endless characters. Stay in your tent for a nap or even spend the night.


Image via The Manhattan Toy Company


When you are at a loss for things to do when stuck inside a puppet show is always a safe bet. In my house, we keep a few puppets around that can be used to act out any story at all, like these Zainys puppets from Manhattan Toy Company that can be animals, construction workers, or royalty. We also love the cute, furry animal puppets that can take on any role or story time finger puppets.

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Building with blocks is always a great indoor activity. Go beyond the basics with this fun create-and-play set from Manhattan Toy Company that includes not just unusual shapes but fun patterns as well to allow kids (and parents) to stretch their creativity.

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Imaginative Play

Did someone say imaginative play? My kids stay busy for hours using their Melissa & Doug Deluxe Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand. This stand has a small footprint but packs a lot of fun. The nine storage bins can be filled with play food or real treats and the counter is great for selling or serving anything your child's heart desires. We even use a pretend coffee set to turn it into a cafe. One of the best things about this stand is that once the sun starts shining you can take it outside and have the poshest lemonade stand in town.

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When the weather keeps you inside grab your favorite doll and go anywhere you like! My daughter loves taking her Groovy Girls on adventures in their groovy car or to big-kid school with a groovy locker. I love that these dolls don't just come in fun themes like ladybug and lollypop but that they also have a variety of skin tones and hair colors and that there's even a boy doll.

carpet, rug
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Magic Carpet

Grab your carpet and go on a magic carpet ride! You are only limited by your imagination. As a bonus, take along a Jasmine doll for someone with experience. You just may find yourself landing in a magical land and if you are lucky you will even find a genie willing to grant your wishes.

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Arts and Crafts

Try your hand at some simple crafts! Michael's catchphrase is “where creativity happens” and they have some great ideas for crafting at home with little kids on rainy days. This flying fish is easy to make and you will have a nice decoration to hang up when you are done. See the full instructions here.



Image via Michaels

Travel to Another Planet!

Michael's Craft Supply has a great Life on Pluto: Cardboard Aliens craft idea that is simple for even young kids to follow. I love art projects like this one that have no one right way to do it and allow kids complete creative freedom. Choose one eye or twelve, green aliens or pink. Anything goes and you have fun creatures to play with at the end. See the full instructions here.

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Games are always a fun way to pass the time indoors. My kids love Twister because it always ends in giggles. I love they get some exercise and that even toddlers can play along (with some allowances for mixing up their lefts and rights). Other great options that you will remember from your childhood are Jr. versions of games like Monopoly and Life.

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Multiple Activity Toys

Even babies get bored when stuck inside for too long. Try a small toy packed with multiple activities like this Playful Dino from Manhattan Toy that has beads, gears, eyes that flip from open to closed, letters, and more. My son can explore this toy for a very long time without getting bored.

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Favorite Figures

Days spent indoors are the perfect time to bring out your child's favorite figures. Whether your child loves My Little Pony or Star Wars bring out your favorites and act out the stories you already know and love or imagine new scenarios for Pinkie Pie and Kylo Ren. I like to keep a little figure or two on-hand to add to my kids' collection when boredom strikes and we are stuck indoors.

board game
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Board Games

Board games are always a fun option for two or more. Even the littlest kids can play cooperative games like HABA's Flower Fairy where kids (and grown-ups) work together to make sure flowers grow. Cooperative games like these can be played from about age two and up and can be played in a variety of ways (because we all know that toddlers need flexibility).

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If you kids are more tactile, they may be more interested in a science-art fusion kit where kids learn scientific concepts (whether they realize it or not) while making art projects. No kid can resist making bubbles indoors! Bring the outside in with bubble paint, bubble slime, bubble foam, bubble sculptures, and more bubble-friendly experiments.

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Pretend Pets

Even if you have a strict no-pet policy at home that doesn't mean you can't spend a rainy or unbearably hot afternoon playing with a dog. My daughter loves her FurReal Friend pup that responds to touch and can even eat. Some FurReal friends can walk, take bottles, and do tricks. Playing with one is a great way for kids to use their imaginations and pass a couple of hours indoors.

darth vader
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Lightsaber Duels

A favorite rainy day activity in my house is lightsaber duels. Even my one-year-old likes to get in on the action while my older kids love to experiment with different types of Bladebuilders that allow them to change their lightsabers' configuration so that their lightsaber battles never get old. Kids not quite old enough to handle their own lightsaber can still undergo Jedi training with something soft, like a pool noodle.

dancer detail 800
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Dance Party

A great way for your kids to get their wiggles out when it rains is to have a dance party. Try variations, such as the Hokey Pokey or musical chairs, to keep things interesting.

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two yellow ducks
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Bathtub “Pool Time”

When the weather isn't nice outside my kids like to take a dip in our indoor pool – also known as the tub. No hair washing is allowed but bathing suits are allowed (and encouraged). Add some toys and relax the no-splashing policy. Keep kids busy for longer by adding some toys like this Ball Track Bathing Bliss set from HABA that brings a toddler-friendly marble run to the tub.


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Exotic Land Game

When you are stuck inside because of rain or hot weather what better game to play than one that involves the dry season in the Savannah? My kids love that Tambuzi involves a race to hit the buzzer, animals, and a trip to an exotic land.

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Turtle Power

If you are stuck indoors head underground. My sons love heading down into the sewers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as their guide. With a new movie, Out of the Shadows, released last June, your kids will think you are coolest.

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Stuck Inside? Check Out These 30 Fun Indoor Activities

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