Stay Connected with a Mother-Daughter Journal

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Together, my daughter and I have filled the pages with pictures, love notes, and thoughts that we wanted to get down on paper. And best of all, it’s just for us.

Life is busy and kids are often running from one thing to the next. All of those little moments that might have felt big at the time can easily get swept under the carpet in all of the doing and moving that childhood seems to entail these days. It’s hard to find the right time to discuss those moments, good and bad.

A mother-daughter journal is a great tool for bonding with your daughter, opening the lines of communication about difficult subject matter, and sharing the thoughts and feelings that might otherwise get swept up in the busyness of life.

I began a mother-daughter journal at the beginning of this school year, as first grade meant longer school days and more time away from me.

It’s a special journal that helps us stay connected and strengthens our bond each and every day.

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Forgotten thoughts

Although it’s tempting to quiz kids along the ride home from school, they tend to be tired after a long day of work and play. If you find that your usually chatty child is a little quiet after the school day ends, it’s probably because she needs some time to check out and process the events of the day.

A journal provides an opportunity to share the afterthoughts and reflect on the events of the day without replaying every single detail the moment your child gets off the bus. It’s also a great place for kids to work through their thoughts and feelings without any pressure.

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Tricky topics

Kids encounter difficult subject matter often. Sometimes they confront issues they were previously unaware of. Sometimes peer relationships are less than perfect. And sometimes they learn about something in school that really puts them over the edge. Whatever the subject matter that causes some level of distress, it can be hard to just come right out and say it.

A mother-daughter journal provides a safe space for kids to ask hard questions, share thoughts and feelings that they wouldn’t otherwise share, or just vent about the less fun parts of being a kid.

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Lifelong bonding

When we have babies and toddlers attached to us, we are constantly bonding in one way or another. But then suddenly kids begin to separate. Their days are filled with friends, classes, sports, and hobbies. Gone are the endless cuddles and story hours. And gone are the endless moments of bonding.

While bonding with your child changes shape at each age and stage, adding a journal to the mix provides a separate and private outlet for strengthening your bond and building your relationship. Whether the journal entries are daily or weekly and whether full of details or simple love notes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is having that special connection within arm’s reach that is always there during moments of quiet.

Years from now I know my daughter and I will look back through our journals and smile at the memories, and I will be so grateful that we made it a priority to stay connected in writing.

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How do you bond with your child? Would you begin a mother-daughter journal?

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Stay Connected with a Mother-Daughter Journal

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    I think this is a really cool and productive way to stay close to your kid and also keep them away from watching too much tv or w.e. LOVE IT!


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