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With temperatures rising (even if just a little), it gives great hope that the weather is finally allowing for some reprieve from a very long winter. But, as the saying goes, April showers are needed to bring May flowers. So, while there may be a chance to enjoy the warmer weather, there are also rainy days in store. Check out these posts to learn what our EverydayFamily authors do with their kids on rainy and sunny days, and find ideas to entertain your own little ones.

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Spring doesn't come without those rainy days (or snow for some), but don't let wet weather put a damper on your fun. There are plenty of entertaining indoor activities. There is adventure to be found at the library and at the museum, and there are great things to build with life-sized building blocks. Read Warm Weather Inexpensive Activities and 8 Great Ways to Play for more indoor activity inspiration. 

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Don't forget to tell us what your favorite rainy day activity is in the comments! Next up? Sunny day fun! 

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Once the weather warms, outside is the only place we want to be. How about you and your little ones? What is your favorite springtime, outside activity? 

From a fun trip  to the zoo, to playing in the backyard, spring offers endless learning opportunities for children. Some of our favorite activities can be found in 5 Backyard Games for Toddlers, 3 Great Learning Activities for Spring {Toddlers & Beyond}, Learning Activities at the Zoo, and Children and TV: Turn Off the Tube, It's Time to Play!

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Start something fun with your family—something that lasts beyond this lovely season. Start a family garden—this is the perfect time to do it. Find some fun tips and advice in 6 Gardening Ideas and Tips for Gardening with KidsAre you planning a family garden with your kids?

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What are your favorite springtime activities? If a simple meal on a blanket is one of them, try making this Picnic Perfect Healthy Pasta Salad or this springy quiche—they are perfect picnic foods. 

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Springtime Fun with EverydayFamily

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